Monday, February 6, 2012

Good People

No harm comes to a good person, but an evil person's life is full of trouble. Proverbs 12:21
Schucks the NE Patriot's didn't win the Super Bowl congratulations to the NY Giants. What a great game. I ended up making macaroni sald and drumettes and wings. We also had shrimp with cocktail sauce supplied by a friend. I didn't have time after shopping and napping yesterday to make cupcakes. Personally I am a WA Redskins fan and always will be. I just happen to live in the NEW England area now. My first grandson is old enough now to love the Pats. He is named after Tom Brady. So I cheer for NE some these days too. I am also a Baltimore Orioles fan but I will go to a Red Sox game in a heartbeat and I cheer for them too.

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Our river that runs through the city downtown area gets icey on the edges just like this one in the picture. Just as probably many do all over the world. Right now the icey conditions on both sides has disappeared.
The temperature this morning is 27 feels 22 with the windchill factor and it is sunny. We are actually supposed to hit 48 today

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