Sunday, February 21, 2010


Gorgeous black wool felt handsewn case with a lovely vintage button closure one of only three created for Spring 2010 in Glenna's Garden gallery shop at will be listed soon for firstfridayartwalk on ETSY Friday March 5, 2010

Another sneak peek at a set of Spring 2010 designer bookmarks and tags created for Glenna's Garden gallery shop at These will be listed for the next firstfridayartwalk as well.

What an awesome shot of a picture of February 2010 on a studio calendar!

There is one thing that I truly love about living here in NH is to witness the natural water flowing out of massive rock formations. In the winter it freezes and it looks similar to the picture you see here but on a much grander scale.

Today is Sunday February 21, 2010.....The sun is out and the wind is whipping up. It is still very cold outside at Glenna's Garden in Manchester, NH. That hasn't stopped me from keeping the gallery shop going at I have been busier than ever. Spring is coming and there are so many new items I want to introduce. I will give you a sneak peak of some items I have created for Glenna's Garden. Please check out for more fresh ideas. I love this time of the year when Spring is just about upon us. I can be contacted at if you are interested in custom orders. On March 5, 2010 I will once again be participating in firstfridayartwalk on ETSY just like so many other ETSY shops that do. We are growing and some of us have even become really great friends online. I hope to see some new faces there please just use the tag word firstfridayartwalk on your items to participate or to search for all items tagged by ETSY shops already use the tag word firstfridayartwalk in search on ETSY. All are welcome!