Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thankful for Tuesday

Today is my younger son's birthday. I have two children well adult sons now. My fiancee, my other son, his wife and my precious grandson will be over for dinner and cake plus icecream of course. My son is 28 today. I chose an Etsy seller to purchase my son's gift from. Seeing as how my son is a huge Baltimore Oriole Fan I couldn't help but find this great shop called http://www.finalscore.etsy.com/ . The artwork is amazing at Final Score. This is what I bought for my son 8 1/2 x 11 collage to make this one big picture the artist used many and I mean many little pictures by putting them all together. Treat yourself to some of his work! I have some of my original art posted at http://www.gnormyle.etsy.com/. I also have a web site Glenna's Garden http://www.glennasgarden.webs.com/ and my gallery is at www.putiton.com/glennanormyle . Stop by any time and leave me a post. I am convo friendly and will always write back.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Super Sunday

This is the long holiday weekend. I had a big purchase at my shop Glenna's Garden http://www.gnormyle.etsy.com/ and sales have been steady. That means that today I have been busy making tags, cards, boxes, bookmarks and more. I am going to be having a Big Summer Tag Sale in the next week or so if you are interested let me know by email at gnormyle@yahoo.com and I will notify you when it it starts. Today our indoor pomegranate plant put forth her first beautiful very bright orange blossom. I just had to take a couple of pictures to celebrate the event. The cute child's handprint in dark green glaze is my Father's hand print from back in 1938. For Father's Day I usually bring this nicely preserved antique child's handprint in and display it on one of the sidetables here in the studio at Glenna's Garden. It is getting muggy again today at Glenna's Garden and the plants are loving it. Finally it is a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon on Memorial Day Weekend! City life in Manchester, NH at its' best!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today is Tuesday

Over this weekend I had many more sales again here at Glenna's Garden http://www.gnormyle.etsy.com/ . I have been making use of my stimulus money to purchase supplies for the garden shop. I have oodles of projects designed and when I get the materials I will be able to start making some really sweet things for Glenna's Garden. We might be moving to a much larger studio (very nearby) and Glenna's Garden will nearly triple in size. I am so excited. I won't have to share my studio with everybody. I will have my own room finally. I have been enjoying a beautiful day today. It is warming up again. I have some pictures to share. I love the one of my fiancees grandmother from the late 1800's. She is so sweet and angelic. All of the Victorian decoration and pomp on her is gorgeous. I feel very fortunate to have a copy of this and just got her yesterday after the funeral of her daughter, my fiancess Mother. This little girl's name is Collette. She is framed now and will be hanging up among my many family members, all in black and white, that are decorating the walls of Glenna's Garden studio.
When I was a little girl I took to art before I could even write my name. Here is a picture of an Easter egg I made close to 47 years ago. Every Easter I take it out and hang it up for a bit. I thought I would share it with the world before it goes back into storage. It still has many bits of colored eggshell on it and is in excellent shape. I was on the Art Linkletter Show as a young child as well. It was so long ago I can not remember what I did on the show.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two Tuesdays

Today was a quiet day here at Glenna's Garden www.gnormyle.etsy.com . I did get a new banner and avatar so the look of my shop has changed. Plus I picked an additional set for the future. Some exciting treasures found their way to us. This bird pictured here I found on Etsy was just shipped to me and now has a new home at Glenna's Garden. Best of all it was FREE. It is vintage and handmade/painted from a gourd. Its' poor beak is damaged and in need of repair. Just the job for me. I will repair it and paint to match. Meanwhile it sits perched in front of me inspiring me to do something with gourds this Fall. I usually have some but they seem to disappear. I have none dried out right now. Perhaps they can be purchased somewhere at this time of the year will have to research that. I have been thinking a whole lot lately about learning how to crochet. Today I was given the addresses of two wonderful websites to get started crocheting with the first one is www.crochet.about.com/library/blbegginers.htm you can learn all about how to crochet and the second one is http://www.lionbrandyarn.com/ I joined for FREE and now I have access to many different patterns to crochet. I checked out the kitchen towels pattern and it said it was easy so I may start with that. I still need to learn so much more. I just hope my hands can do it! Also in my web surfing I do sometimes, today, I came accross the website for the Philadelphia Flower Show www.theflowershow.com/attractions/index.html I checked out the very hefty vendor prices of course and then just dreamed of the day. Today pictured is my second ACEO or artist trading card in "The Girl" Series. She is pictured here before she goes up for sale in my shop at www.gnormyle.etsy.com . This is the Hawaiin Girl with her hula skirt, top and headdress all made out of pressed flowers. I am having fun doing these little ACEO's and I hope someone else will enjoy them one day. So many of the bigger projects at Glenna's Garden with pressed flowers take days to do. These are quick fun and easy. Lately it seems that the pressed flowers are lending themselves to clothing so I started this neat little series of girls.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Mother passed away on November 1, 2006 so Mother's Day is still hard to get through for me. It has been a quiet day here at Glenna's Garden http://www.gnormyle.etsy.com/ . Over the weekend I added some new items to my shop, adjusted prices and did some shopping for supplies. I am looking forward to making some more things for my shop. This coming week I will start posting items for Father's Day. It has been very windy today so we mainly stayed indoors. I did check things in Glenna's Garden to make sure they were protected from the wind. This beautiful pewter heart was something I got that belonged to my Mother. It is a Metzke and from 1979. That makes it 30 years old. It is definately in very nice condition and there is a beautiful intricate design of a raised flower bouquet on the top. I thought I would share something Mom related for Mother's Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fresh Friday

Sunny this morning up here in Manchester, NH.....this is a good morning blog. Today I will be adding bits and pieces of fresh new looks and ideas. My very nice friend Heather has a blog. So we will start with her today. She is a crafter. On her blog she shows us some great inexpensive ways to craft. Plus her blog shows all of the beautiful projects she has made. I love the latest a Victorian inspired pincushion she made, very nice. Here is Heather's Haven just click on this link below and don't forget to return back here and leave a comment for me
http://www.nightdreamer_371.bravejournal.com/ I made two graduation cards yesterday evening. They are made using vintage papers from old cards. They will be available for purchase in Glenna's Garden at http://www.gnormyle.etsy.com/ . Today is posting , PIF's and picture taking day at Glenna's Garden. Time to refill the shop with new items for Father's Day, there are going to be many cute quilters bookmarks, tags, stickers and books, cards for graduates, more repurposed containers and a few more boxes should be completed very soon. Later on today after picture taking there will be more pictures posted here too. This is the Christmas poinsetta blooming red in May, poor thing, she is very confused. Everybody at Glenna's Garden is getting a kick out of her late bloom. She completely skipped Christmas by the way and didn't bloom for Christmas 2008. Miss Poinsetta is about 4 maybe 5 years old at best. She loves her spot next to the big window facing southeasterly. Plenty of good morning sunshine!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thrilling Thursday

I just read the nicest letter from one of my customers that purchased a handmade card I had made using vintage papers from 1940's. It fills my heart with such pride to know I made someone happy today. I was outside Glenna's Garden this afternoon and decided to do an early pick off the lilac bush. I brought them in and they are now filling my studio with the best lilac smell ever. I took a picture of them to share with everybody sorry I can't share the smell too. I was working on clear glass project with pressed flowers today. Azaleas from SC are the first to go on. When I am finished it will look so beautiful with the light from a votive candle shining through. I took a picture of this project and will do so in stages so you can see how it is done. It looks like the glass has glue on it but that comes off with a bit of water now that the flowers are set. I will be adding some more flowers to the sides of the bowl to complete it. It has been raining a lot for the last couple of days and cloudy up here in New Hampshire. I also want to show you a picture I took of not one but two sets of vintage earrings that were given to me recently by a seller on Etsy. They are both extremely delicate. I have worn the screw in pair and got a lot of compliments. Where did you get those earrings? They are very both a very nice shade of blue topaz which is my birthstone.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wishful Wednesdays

Made a custom order for a customer and it just took me two days to complete. There are other initials available in my shop. Plus three of the tins are ready to go check it out. This was the only personalized I for Iris, that I have ever had. My favorite flower is the Iris especially the purple ones as that is my favorite color too. Next comes blues and then greens. I am positive my customer is going to love this beautiful repurposed tin I have made. Go to my shop at http://www.gnormyle.etsy.com/ to see others I have made already some like the letter V. But this is truly OOAK (one of a kind) and lovely. Certain plants are blooming at Glenna's Garden like this dainty African Violet. She has been with us for several years now she happily blooms every Spring just like clock work. Her flowers unfortunately are too lush and fleshy. They are ruffled. She does not press well. She can not be pressed for use in any projects here at Glenna's Garden so I decided offer you a glimpse of one of many different plants in Glenna's Garden. Have a Wonderful Wednesday I did. I got a surprise visit from my son who brought along my grandson who is now almost 15 months hold. He kissed me for the first time. I love my grandson so dearly. He was a blessing from above as he was born on my Mother's Birthday. My angel baby. I wish for some more wonderful Wednesdays like today.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mainly Monday

Where did you get that necklace?

Today it was mild out and only 68 not very sunny up here either at Glenna's Garden in Manchester, NH. I have started to make items for Father's Day for my shop. I made this beautiful duck card from a textured duck print with two tone blue papers and it comes with an envelope. This is nice I can post my items here before I post them for sale in my shop at http://www.gnormyle.etsy.com/ if you like any of them and want it email me at gnormyle@yahoo.com in the next couple of days. All of my cards sell for $2.50 plus shipping which is minimal. Let me know me know ASAP before I start to post them in my shop so I can make a reservation for you. I use PayPal.

Mondays are nice I am usually ready to start to get busy again. I sent out 5 more orders today and one more so far for tomorrow. I know my customers are happy because I always get good ratings. About a month ago I was out and about downtown Manchester , NH and I found this beautiful triple acorn necklace. I am not sure if it is vinatge, I was told it is, but it is absolutely stunning. There are three darling topaz amber glass beads as acorns each topped with a gold textured cap and they are hanging on a beautiful fairly heavy gold chain. In very good condition too. I have not put this necklace up for sale yet in my shop because I am thinking about wether or not I want to keep it until Fall for myself. It is so nice! If you are reading this and want make me an offer either visit my shop at http://www.gnormyle.etsy.com/ or get in touch with me at gnormyle@yahoo.com I have decided that I am going to take it easy tonight and work on some more Father's Day cards or make some more PIF's (pay it forward) mine are always free. Sweet Blessings from Glenna at Glenna's Garden ~*~

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sailing Through Sunday

I had a great day yesterday. Spring is at its' finest. Gorgeous flowers everywhere. I was out and about Downtown Manchester, NH making my rounds. Lee's Bookstore, lunch at the Red Arrow Diner (famous place), and Corey's General Store just opened up. It is becoming one of my favorite places to stop. I also like to visit the Helping Hands Thrift Store. I found some nice items to decorate and sell at my shop. I started with the beautiful hand mirror first. I used Japanese looking flowers on puffy stickers to adorn both sides of the handle and the back of the mirror. The mirror frame is a clear hard plastic with a ridged diamond pattern design on the back with silver glitter set in it. The handle itself is clear and see through so I placed these beautiful flowered puffy stickers on the front and back of the handle. The Japanese motif is in the colors of white with a very slight yellow tinge, turquoise, magenta and black. Next I attached a turqoiuse colored ribbon to the handle which already had a hole in it. On the ribbon ends I tied on plastic beads in the same colors to match. It can still be hung on a hook and would look great in any bathroom or bedroom. I took a quick shot of the mirror. In the picture are some of the other items awaitng adornment and they will soon be listed for sale at my shop http://www.gnormyle.etsy.com/ woo hoo I have reached 15 sales now.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Yippee It's the Weekend

This is May's picture on the calendar at Glenna's Garden. I like two artists very much. This is Norman Rockwell and the other is Thomas Kinkade. Weekends are for shopping. I shop online and try to purchase most of my supplies from Etsy shops first. I also have some favorite sites like http://www.createforless.com/ . Of course then there my local Michael's store too. most of my purchasing currently is geared towards vintage. I am 50 years old and I feel like I don't want to miss out on things from my past for example I am seriously thinking about buying a vintage kewpie doll. Then I can design and sew clothes for her. Sounds like a fun project. I went to the big forum this afternoon at Etsy. I learned about logos, stationery, business cards, stamp and websites. Most importantly their importance for a business. I got the name of a website where you can create your own website http://www.indexhibit.com/ . I rushed in here to quickly to blog. I am excited I am getting sales now. After dinner I am going to check out about making my own website. I have done it before and it can be challenging. Something I am up for. As I am eating dinner I am searching about how to hand sew. I don't have a sewing machine so I just found this article about making yo-yo's
try http://www.suite101.com/ you will have to type in a search making fabric yo-yo's. I am hopefully getting my stimulus check soon. I am going to buy a brand new sewing machine for myself, nothing fancy. When my two sons were young many years ago I used to make a lot of clothes for them. Pants, shirts and overalls. It saved me so much money. I used to buy cute boyish corduroy prints and cute boyish buttons. From a simple pattern that I designed I would cut the material and on an old sewing machine I would sew away. We are talking at least 30 years ago that I did this. Now I am a new Nana well he is 15 months old now and my angel. I want to make him things like my Mother did for my sons. My Mother loved the arts and crafts world. She made beautiful quilts. Her needlepoint work is very nice She weaved. She sewed and knitted numerous items. She used to make all of our clothes. Mom's pinking shears were fascinating to me when I was very young. I can still see her sitting at her Singer sewing machine into the night lovingly sewing away. She made the smocking on the front of dresses for my sisters and I when we were young. Well I am off to look into making a website for Glenna's Garden.