Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Eve Before New Year's Eve

This week I have weathered a blizzard on Monday and then the stomach bug on Tuesday and Wednesday. I took care of my grandsons on the day of the blizzard because their school was closed for the blizzard I traveled out in the blizzard twice it was necessary, my son picked me up and drove me home. It was safe and not bad out when we traveled. Nana duty is 24/7 whenever needed as long as I am feeling well. There is no way I would have been able to take care of them feeling like I did come Tuesday night. Today I am finally better ~ eating and rehydrating. Up and out of bed! Sore and tired! I got a flu shot back in September. I was under the impression that I wouldn't get stuff like this stomach flu or is it respiratory. I immediately fell ill with respiratory issues after receiving my flu shot this year and I am just now recovering possibly after several months. I am caustiously optimistic on that though. How are you feeling this Winter 2010? Anybody have any snow stories? I have one it is sunny today but so cold the snow isn't melting. Like the Arctic. Take me to where the irises grow all year round~is there such a place?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Day Before the Eve

It has snowed and it is here to stay we will be having a white Christmas in southern NH. We are expecting more snow too. Yes it is very cold outside but nice and warm indoors. I am so excited I will be spending Christmas morning with my grandsons ages 6 months and almost 3. I saw them two days ago as well so for today I am so very grateful that I live near them. Today I am taking a walk to downtown. There is a fantastic sports card etc shop I need to go to and a nice restaurant nearby so I will be venturing out to brave the cold, all bundled up and I will be wearing my winter snow boots. I haven't seen them since January. Where are my gloves? I can't seem to find them. Seems like every year I always need to buy new gloves. They are like the socks that disappear. Ever wonder where your socks go?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Almost Christmas

One week before Christmas and I am still shopping. I still have not received my replacement debit card. So I will have to travel to the bank for cold hard cash. I need to buy gifts for my grands! I am so excited that I get to see them again soon. This year I don't have to cook for Christmas. I also have plans for New Years day. Such a nice relaxing time for fun to see my family and friends. January 2011 my sister 13 months younger than me is flying up from SC to visit with me, my sons, DIL, grandsons, other sister and her husband and their two children. We are going to have an awesome get together. Do you have fun times planned? I would love to be here where this picture was taken of low tide and the Atlantic Ocean on Peaks Island Maine anytime of the year!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Things Can and Do Get Worse

2 weeks before Christmas and my debit card was just swallowed by my bank's ATM machine. I ordered a new one. My bank info has changed and I don't know my card info so all shopping on line has ceased until I get my new debit card. Sure I can go to my bank and withdraw money but that doesn't help with the internet. UGHHHHHH! I am grateful for today I am alive and this is real life. I am sure I am not the only that this has happened to.....a really good test in patience. I am told by friends that I am the Queen of Patience. Today is a beautiful day. It is bright and sunny. Day 4 now that they are outside of my space here making noise and repairs I am grateful to hear all the beeps bangs and bumps. The norm is a great amount of silence which I am used to now after 4 plus years. It is so peaceful here in my studio. I am grateful for the use of this computer today so I can share my woe with you. Take no pity please as there are others far off worse than me. Pray for peace! Good things are to come such as seeing my grandsons soon. That makes me melt. My grandbabies I love them. A first Christmas for the little one not quite 6 months old and it will be a third Christmas for the older grandson. He is at the fun age because he knows so much more. He wants M and M's from Santa....he is going to get some from his Nana (me) too. Tomorrow they are calling for snow flurries and colder temps. We just had tons of rain and high winds over the weekend a storm that swept up the East coast. Enjoy your day. I am...not! I will try to!!!!! Yes the mail run just made me happy. Nice cards from family and friends to remind me to be grateful for all of them. Happy holidays everybody! A New Year is fast approaching! Oh the picture is my high school graduation picture in August 1976 and I was 17 years old then. I graduated a year early so I didn't graduate the following year with my whole class instead I went on to college.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Broken Computer

Of all things my computer is now broken. So on occaision I may borrow my sons. Of course none of my pictures are here or at least not too many as I once had to use this computer awhile back so I know I have some older pictures saved on here. I have 2 computers now and one doesn't work and the other is slower than turtle. I am grateful to be alive! I won't dwell on the negative. There are so many postive things happening today. I can't forget the new roof going up over head above my studio. The owner has sprung for a new roof. I will endure all of this noise for a new roof. Today is supposed to be the coldest day yet well yes it is a frigid cold 24 outside. Bless those men working in this cold.....they had sun all day so I am sure that helped. Here they come again stocking the roof and then maybe they will be done banging for the day. Where ever you are be grateful for today for if you are reading this you are alive! This poinsettia has been alive and is currently just starting to turn red again. It just bloomed this past summer and skipped last Christmas. So maybe now it had adjusted itself. This year I want to get a Christmas cactus for Glenna's Garden. Do you grow holiday plants?

Thursday, December 2, 2010


December 3, 2010 is the last Firstfridayartwalk on ETSY for 2010. Use the search words firstfridayartwalk, aweteam and ffaw fine art on ETSY to find all of the participating shops. If you would like to join us please click on the title "TOMORROW IS" top of this blog and you are there and the click join on the AWEteam page. What is everybody working on for their shops? I am concentrating on Spring Easter 2011 etc Glenna's Garden will reopen then, sometime in early 2011. I have been designing and creating jewelry, purchasing Spring, oh and Valentines Day too. Plus we have St. Patrick's Day in the mix. I am in the pastel color mode currently. It feels like Christmas and winter are here with all of the hustle and bustle out there and all of the pretty Christmas/Winter outdoor decorations. We had so much rain and very high winds yesterday. This place I am in was shaking last night keeping me up. That is another reason I would like to move to a better place. We have noreaster storms here every so often, they come with high winds. I am only about 45 mins in from the NH coastline, and this place was shaking so bad in the last one, before the storm last night, that I seriously felt very uncomfortable and scared. I am an experienced hurricane survivor, of a few too. My favorite Christmas theme is Victorian that is why I picked these pictures/clip art today. They are from Dover Publications. The Christmas tree I used yesterday as well. Happy crafting, shopping, decorating, baking and whatever else you are doing during this holiday time of the year.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Yay it is first day of December today! 24 more until Christmas. I am gathring up my names and addresses for an all out Christmas card blitz. I have so many new people to send to this year. Reflecting back on 2010......I have met so many wonderful people between ETSY and Swap Bot. Etsy is changing you can now set up a Circle of Friends from your profile page on ETSY. ETSY Teams is easier. I like the look of our shops now. I am close to 1000 friends on Facebook and I have been way more active on Twitter lately. I would love to have more followers and people commenting on Glenna's Garden blog ~ love those of you who do. I am excited about all of these changes and my groth as you can see. How about you? What new things did you do or learn in 2010?