Friday, September 30, 2011


Meatball Recipe

The best meatball ever they claim check it out but don't forget to come back and read todays or yesterdays or one or two of my many other blogs. Thanks  so much I really appreciate all of my readers. I am going to try to make this blog even more interesting and share so much of what I know. I have many fantastic websites to share with you in my collection as well. You will get connected with further great reading well I think so.

Oh thank goodness it is Friday. Tomorrow is another shopping day. I am shopping again at the grand opening #2 of our new grocery store. I was checking out the flyer and I missed so many bargains last week. Not this week though. I will be armed with my coupons and a list this time. I pray the store is not chaotic and full of too many people. I would love it if they are still giving away products, samples and coupons. More coupons are what I need. I am going to enjoy a great salad for lunch right there at the store in the restaurant area. #1 rule don't shop for groceries on an empty stomach. Always eat before you go grocery shopping that way you don't buy too much food and especially quick junk foods that really are not good for you. What are your plans for this weekend? I hope your weekend is wonder filled!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thrilling Thursday

It is raining and cool again. This time I am in pain no relief. No outdoor trips for not that I don't want to get wet, but for the crippling arthritis in my hips. I am having a hard time walking the last two days indoors don't need to get out. I am making egg salad today. A late lunch I woke up late today. I have been watching the Red Sox play the Orioles both late night games the last two nights. I love both teams so it was hard to know who to cheer for so I just cheered for all the great moments and plays forboth teams.

I am amazed at what I have been getting for free with on a rare occaision I pay a small shipping fee otherwise shipping is free too. Click on my Listia side bar button on my blog's front page where it says Listia and check it out. I have auctions too. Highest bidder will win things from me as well as I bid and win things from others. To me it is fun and enjoyable. I just won a book Living the Boomer Life for Dummies you know those yellow self help books on all sorts of subjects. Well this one is for the Baby Boomer Age. Great I may be dating myself here I am not quite there but I do want to be prepared. My retirement dreams and plans changed drastically about 14 years ago. For one I am now single and not by my choice! That is ok my life is full of all sorts of new things like grandchildren, family and new friends. I never really ever dreamed that I would be here in southern NH. I love it here ~ well most everything. God does have a plan for all of us no matter what. What are your retirement plans?

Made for me by a friend! She knows how much I love Mary Engelbreit so she made me this chunky page. Home is where you hang your hat! ME items are collectible and something I do as a hobby amongst a few others. I have some of her books, cards, magnets even a small kleenex box which is never to be opened. It should hold its' value if never used. I also make greeting cards using ME products, calendar pages that were given to me, stickers etc that I have collected. Do you have any hobbies?

I am listening to my Gary Allan Smoke Smoke Rings in the Dark CD It is special CD to me and invokes many emotions. Mostly happy! What music do you like? I love an assortment of music from the fifties on up and even a couple of rap songs and a hard heavy rock metal song or two. Mostly I love country. I am a life long fan of Johnny Cash. I met him and June at a country fair out west when I was very young and that was it. I had country in my blood from then on.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

That's right oh what a beautiful day. It is sunny crispy cool no jacket needed kind of morning here in beautiful southern NH. I went for my 2 mile walk (torture) to the post office and back home this morning. I saw one squirrel burying nuts. Lots of pretty Fall flowers and leaves on the ground that you could kick. Remember kicking leaves when you were little. When I was little we raked leaves and then burned them way back when. That was in Oregon. We had a large weeping willow tree in our yard with a rope and wood seat swing on it. From that house you could see Mt. Hood. I left Oregon at the age of 9 when we moved to the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois in 1967 then on to Maryland that same year. I went to third grade accross the USA. From there on I had a great childhood growing up in the suburbs of Washington DC. in Bethesda, Maryland.

I mentioned torture with my walk this morning. This past summer 2011 I have developed even more achy arthritis joints from my hips down to my toes. So I guess I pretty much have full body arthritis now. I am tough and a survivor so I will always push myself to do things like walking even though it hurts. For my upperbody there are a lot of things I can't carry easily and without feeling pain. That is because my upperbody feels in constant pain from a combo of Fibromyalgia, arthritis and RSD which developed from a ruptured disc in my neck. Don't feel sorry for me I know nobody deserves this but like I said I am a strong willed woman. A true survivor! A cancer survivor ~ it will be five years in November 2011 that I am cancer free. That makes me feel so good. I am a muscle cancer survivor.  Are you a cancer survivor?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blessed Sunday

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:12
Today well early this morning today it is a blessed Sunday. I thank my Lord for being alive and to awaken to this new day.

This is a project I am currently working on. It is a Flying Zentangle titled "Come Fly With Me" It is postcard size! Mail art. I may send it to someone special as a surprise when I am swapping postcards. For now I still am not done.

Today looks like another gloomy day. It has been rough for me the past few days. My pain levels have been through the roof muscles hurting all joints hurting. At times I have had to just lie down and sleep through it. Well today is another one of those days except for now I am stiff as a board. It isn't raining yet today. I will be able to get moving I pray so I can get my shopping done today. A week of this has been no fun!  Just for today I want to be able to fly through the day pain free oh I am just dreaming.

Dreams speaking of dreams. I have the same dream over and over again night after night in it I am lost. I have dreams about flying. I almost did actually fly a plane the other night in my dream of course. That is a first. I truly prefer to stand on the ground and watch the birds, bees, butterflies and planes fly by me. What do you dream about?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Scented Saturday

All I want to say is I am so thankful for today even if it is raining again. It is quiet in my studio and I can hear it gently raining outside my window. No birds people cars noise just rain falling! Today my outdoor plans are once again thwarted but that is ok as I have plenty to do indoors. I have one ATC I am working on for a friend. I finally have all the pieces I need to make it so that will get done today and dry overnight and get shipped off tomorrow to surprise her.

This is another Fall Owl ATC I am working on for Fall 2011!

I am shopping tomorrow and not caring for my grandsons. This is when I really miss them. I don't see them a lot so the times I do are precious to me.

What kind of a scent would be nice for today! Perhaps woodsy!

Tomorrow I am doing my usual shopping armed with an organized coupon album. Nothing big but organization is the key! Do you shop like that? My sister and niece are doing a small bit of extreme couponing so I decided to give it a try and then I share my extra coupons with them or my friend. My public library has a box of coupons you can look through. They come from all of the newspapers they carry. Smart savings and recycling! I need to make a trip there soon to make copies of paperwork so I will check out the box. I really hope it is still there. It has been awhile since I have visited the library. I do a lot of reading online. It hurts me to hold a book. It is because I have RSD. You can even check out finished art pieces from the public library to decorate your walls and then return them and check out more. I don't have any room for that but I did meet someone who was doing that.

Here are some very nice Christmas decorations my sister's former patient has made for me. I love it all so very much. Each piece is handmade except for the tree skirt and gingerbread house some of it was sewn on a machine. All of the adorable embellishments are hand sewn on. Early Christmas 2011 for me from my sister!

Have you ever made felt ornaments? There is so much beautiful hand work done in these pieces. This is something I will cherish forever. Looking at this is making me hungry!!!!! Gingerbread scent would be lovely!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reassurance: The Gift of Time

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanks giving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."  Philippians 4:6-7.

I like this scripture from the bible. It is calming to me, reassuring. Life has been testy for me for 14 years now. The latter 5 years being the most difficult due to multiple health issues occuring in a short period of time. I am happy to say I am coming up in November on my fifth anniversary year of recovery from cancer. This has been the most challenging time ever in my life.

Finding purpose in my life was and has been a huge struggle for me. That was until I became connected to others in the outside world around me, people I wouldn't normally know from all around the world on my computer. When I learned to be grateful for what I do have because my problems pale in comparison to others, I learned that I had a closer relationship with God because I have more time for him now. I am most grateful for that. What a great gift!!! The gift of time. Time I have a lot of time on my hands now that I am medically retired early at a young age. More time to pray! Time to continue to learn new things everyday on my computer via the internet. Time to meet new people. Time to rest. Time to enjoy peace and quiet. Time for my garden. Time for my grandsons. Time for family and friends. Time still flies though!!!!! No matter what! That is my one purpose in life now to use my time wisely!

Time to design and create!            

Time to draw some thing whimsical!

Time to draw something elegant!

Time to write this blog! Thanks be to God for so much time!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rainy Tuesday

I just love the sound of the rain gently falling out side my studio window. It is a cold rain today and I am nice and warm inside. One of those days you want to curl up with a good book. I had plans to run errands but not today. I don't even want to get out of my jammies today. I am in more pain than usual hmmmm must be the weather. My son asked me last night if I would care for my grandsons this Sunday. Of course I said " YES! What time? " If I don't get a shopping trip this weekend that is just fine with me. When Nana is needed I am there. Do you have grandchildren? What are some of your favorite moments with them? I would say one of mine would be the first time I held each one of them right after they were born and I felt such a special bond with each of them are the best times ever in my life. A grandmotherly bond. God has truly blessed me with two very special gifts! They are ages 3 and 7 months and 14 months old now. The little guys are going to be Batman and Robin for Halloween. I can't hardly wait to see them both dressed up. I will share pictures of them in another post. What are your plans for Halloween? I don't ever get any visitors because I live in a secure building with a locked front door. That is inner city life for you. This year I want to get one small pumpkin from the market just for me. So cute to carve a mini pumpkin. If this works out I will share pictures of my mini pumpkin. Of course it is still a bit of time away from all of that. I am one of those people who loves to dream about doing things so I have something to look forward to.  I am still really looking forward to my older sons 34th birthday October 8th then Thanksgiving/Family Reunion and my birthday November 28! How fun and then Christmas after that and then 2012 and the New Year! So many events in such a short amount of time. I am always humbled by those who don't have it like I do for my problems in life always pale in comparison to others. I thank my God for everyday I awake to a new day thank you for this day God! One of my favorite art bookmarks I have created is in a recent Etsy treasury which can be viewed here  it is the vintage purple peacock bookmark set on the bottom right hand corner. It is sold!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Do you use coupons? I tried to use mine this weekend and most if not all of the products I had coupons for were not on the shelves or you had to buy two of something which I usually won't go for. If you know a trick to couponing please leave me a comment. I also had one heck of a grocery shopping trip Sunday (yesterday). We had the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox playing yesterday afternoon on top of Grand Opening for another store which is really this Wednesday but they put all the sales up starting yesterday in all of their existing stores. The situation came to the point where they had to form one line winding through the store and regulate the customers checking out and vary them on registers. The whole time I was there the Manager was talking over the loudspeaker explaining what was going on and likening it to a hurricane evacuation. I lived in FL and evacuated and stayed sometimes over the 15 plus years I lived there. Go through a real evacuation and hurricane Mr. Manager!!!!!!! I say. Actually I was surprised they did a really good job! No wonder I got a headache! The day before that I was sick with something don't know what and I still hadn't recovered as fully as I thought. I am pretty much pooped out today. Of course we stopped at Mack's Apple Farm I bought peaches, pears, yellow cherry size tomatos and fresh apple cider. It is Fall! Beautiful temps with it sometimes being a bit still too warm during the day but cool nights. I look forward to my triple thrill. I will share a picture of these very mature trees when they turn. One is red one is orange and one is yellow. They are huge mature maples I believe. There is a cute tree the city planted in the sidewalk nearby a couple of years ago. It is half red and half green right now! I will share a picture of that cutey soon too. Do you live somewhere where Fall is starting? It is my favorite season.

Handmade Envelopes Made By G Normyle (Me)

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Where did this week go? Tomorrow is Friday and another trip to the country on Saturday. Hmmmmm can I remember my camera this time????? The trees are just starting to turn color here in southern NH. We are having muggy days rain and cool nights. Jumping on the band wagon here and I have been winning some awesome free Christmas gifts for my family and friends. On my home page you can come check it out by clicking on the Listia button to the right of the screen. It is FREE! Also I do swaps at ~ my screename is glennasgarden. Since I closed down my Etsy shop and have devoted my time to these two other venues. I am actually less stressed out and more happy. I had a horrible summer healthwise and would not have been able to do ETSY any way. I am happy to report that I am doing much better. I started these jade plants from leaves that I won on Listia! these are the newest babies to Glenna's Garden.

Day One


About a month later now. Some leaves didn't make it. These are growing strong. I have never done this before. So it is very exciting for me. I have many times sucessfully rooted plants in water. They like moisture around them and this must be a perfect spot. There is a water catch tray under the cactus and the poinsettia as well as the basil next to them. They are loving their new home here at Glenna's Garden in southern NH.

Have you ever done any interesting propagating of plants like this? I would love to hear your stories!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My grandsons Summer 2011

The previous posts are all out of date especially Mother's Day. I finally figured out how to work this blog. They have made many changes and I wasn't aware of it or maybe too sick to figure it out. I am feeling so much better more strength and energy. I walked 2 miles yesterday! Back to the old me and I am so excited it is finally Fall. I have been going to Mack's Apple Farm on my Saturday shopping trips with my friends. They still have the yellow cherry tomatos oh so sweet and juicy plus wonderful peaches are in now some are baseball size and so sweet and juicy too. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and a family reunion at that time with my brother and two sisters and all of our children. Plus my daughter in law and the two grandsons. Wow so many people when I think about it. I am really excited to see everybody and for my grandsons to meet everyone. My sons the two oldest of all of our children are ages 30 and the oldest is almost 34. They have never met my younger brother's family. They have the youngest 3 children ages 7, 9 and 11. My grandsons from my oldest son are now ages 3 plus and 14 months. The baby learned how to walk about a month ago or a little less. I swear he is calling name Nana. He still has his own language. He is trying to copy his older brother. I am so blessed! Thank you Lord for my family watch over them and protect them Amen!

Mother's Day Today

Today is Mother's Day. I had mine last night and with my grandsons too. We had fun! My grandsons are 10 months and 3 years....we were playing cars, blowing bubbles, coloring, playing with toys, tossing the ball, eating pizza, feeding baby brother, baby boy is crawling now and babbling away in a langauge of his own. He always has the sweetest smile and is especially cute with just a couple of front teeth on the bottom. I also got my first chunky page from a friend today......I am very interested in making one. Do you know anything about chunky pages? I will of course be exploring this more on line. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the Mommies in the world!


Time can go by and if you don't have time or make time to blog. It is nice to come back to it. I am back on again! My pomegranate plant is going crazy this year. So beautiful is the dark orange red color of the flower.

Been A Long Time Friends

Wow I went all Spring and Summer not writing in my blog. At one point I became frustrated with trying to blog because this site wasn't working right for me. I guess I was busy and very ill at one point. Still recovering almost all better. I lost a lot of strength. Today is Sept 2 the weather is cooler and even need a blanket at night.

Tuesday Tuesday

Rain rain and more rain from the latest tropical storm which is still down south. We need rain it was a long HOT summer! Good for a nice Fall up here in NH especially our crops. I said it Fall. I painted a watercolor and then ink drawing ACEO of pumpkins at the marketplace the other day. I might get some small pumpkins this year and decorate. I go to a new market now. It is on an apple orchard. This Saturday I will be making a stop for those late summer crops and new delicious apple variety to try. I never knew there were so many different kinds of apples. What are you doing for Fall? I would love to find some gourds dry them out and paint to look like birds. I have one that was given to me a couple of years ago and every Fall it becomes an inspiration to me. What inspires you? I made a nice bookmark for Fall. Both the bookmark and this ACEO are going to a friend for a surprise blessing package. May you have a wonder filled day!!!!!