Friday, April 30, 2010


Well I did it. I planted the basil seeds that came with a box of Triscuits purchased recently. I have taken some pictures of the process of soaking the square cardboard in water for 4 hours today. Then you peel the cardboard apart which reveals the seeds. Glenna's Garden studio always has a pot and the best potting soil to put in it. So then you can dig around and plant your seeds fairly shallow. There was a white gluey substance around the seeds after soaking them. It made them sticky. Easy to pick up one at a time. It was fun! Now we wait and see. Of course up here in Manchester, NH it really isn't a good idea to plant much outdoors yet. So this is an indoor project. I love fresh basil.....don't you?

First you soak! I soaked for the full 4 hours.

Then you peel apart the cardboard and plant the seeds!

You can even use the cardboard empty Triscuit box. Use it as protectors for shipping flat items like I do from Glenna's Garden sometimes! Just cut it up any size you may need. If you recycle don't forget to recycle cardboard. Many new Spring items are listed already and more to come in the next day or two so be sure to check out Glenna's Garden at

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Not only is it really dark grey and raining today here at Glenna's Garden, but it was snowing this morning. It is now 3 PM in the afternoon and it is still a cool 40 degrees. That didn't stop me from taking some nice pictures of outdoors around Glenna's Garden. HMMMMMM looks like the rain gauge is filling up. The lilac to the right is about to pop. We should be in the 70's this weekend so I am sure it will be looking and smelling really nice by then.

I am saving this container from going into the land. It is 8 1/2' tall and 5" round. I thought it would be interesting to take some before pictures and then after pictures when I have upcycled it. These are the really fun projects that I really enjoy doing.


The top pops off easily like a paint can lid.

I made these cute, chunky starfish. This is one of the Spring/Summer decorations at Glenna's Garden that may go up for sale in my shop at

Rain Gauge nearby lilac tree, it is huge and very tall.
Just outside from the studio at Glenna's Garden.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Happenings Around Glenna's Garden Studio

It is a brisk 46 outside only a few degrees warmer than yesterday. Manchester, NH is just that far North that it is still in the high 30's at night. I always look forward to June. It is perfect here in June. Well the Upword for the week is the word FUN last week it was believe and that got me through a rut. FUN for me means warmer weather trips outdoors to photograph outside of Glenna's Garden at I am searching the internet today for a neat craft project of the week to do. Well when I decide I will blog about it. Meanwhile I remembered that I still had these great vintage cards. They have a texture to them. Really different!

                                            Vintage Cat Card Laying in the Ranunculus Bed

Vintage Cat Card Egyptian Cats

I will be taking better pictures of these cards plus one with a siamese cat on it and they will go into my vintage section at Glenna's Garden for sale tomorrow. Please visit Glenna's Garden at for unique items from art to vintage.

Have a wonderful, hopefully nicer outside than my Sunday day today!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I surf the Internet for useful information. Once in a while I like to share links to other sites that I think might interest my readers. So I will be doing that today here. I love this site for the graphics and they offer free samples. I find my inspiration for my creativity sometimes looking at art and graphics.

Check out
I am in no way affliated with them or paid by them to blog about them. Just a weekly email I look forward to on Wednesdays!

Manchester, NH cool 39 and warms up to 50 or so. Windy today good day to fly a kite!

Original ACEO "The Ones That Got Away"
Created by Glenna Normyle

I spent part of yesterday filming Mother Nature at her finest. So that means that I will soon have more Spring pictures to show you.

Hens and Chicks are coming up everywhere!
 Easy to grow and they propagate like crazy in your gardens.

Cat Tags listed 4/14 SOLD right away!
There is one more set available with different pictures of cats.
These are limited editions.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Another slow but purposeful weekend for me. Organizing the studio. A little bit of this and that....Where has this weekend gone? It was cloudy windy cold yesterday today it is 43 not much warmer but sunnier. I hope and pray for sun on Monday. I need to get some pictures done and items put up at Glenna's Garden During my lunch break I watched a bunch of little sparrows fly from the forsythia to the bird feeder to the lilac bush and back again....until a big white long haired cat strolled by, then they all flew to the top of the forsythia bush, branches swaying wildly and chirped really loud. Poor little birds!

                            ENJOY YOUR DAY WHEREVER YOU MAY BE!!!!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010



Cat Tags on Handmade Paper

Exotic flower tags and bookmarks

Paper Pinwheels with button centers

and much more!!!!

 Some of these items  will be available soon to purchase at Glenna's Garden visit

Thursday, April 8, 2010


This week I have been busy making pinwheels, tags, more bookmarks to sell in the shop, some of these items may make it into Glenna's Garden at The tags have cats on them, very cute and I used handmade paper for them. I also purchased some beautiful flower images and had one hard time printing them so rather than throw away all of the mistakes I created tags and bookmarks with them. I hate to throw things away. I was trying to print out 4 ACEO backgrounds which I eventually did figure out. I managed to get some photography done. I have a fantastic designer in Auckland. We met on ETSY. We were able to get 20 of my photos watermarked. I will share two pictures here today as well as they will be for sale at Glenna's Garden.

   Spring is just starting here in New Hampshire. Today it is very cool and rainy again.

Early Small Grape Hyacinth

The pictures of this weeks creations such as tags etc...I just wrote about are not downloaded into the computer yet! The pinwheels are turning out really cute. I will share them with you later maybe today will be another double blog posting day or you will just have to wait until tomorrow. You can always visit Glenna's garden 24/7 at www, for unique gifts from art to vintage.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010



Inspiration and a little bit of heaven inside Glenna's Garden studio, yes as I am creating I am surrounded by very high ceilings so to put things into perspective the big country house picture to the left is at 7 feet high up on the wall, measured from the top of the picture to the floor.


READY SET GO I am a member of the AWE TEAM (art walk etsy team) and I participate in the FIRSTFRIDAYARTWALK my bookmarks you see here are part of a giveaway called 5 Days of Mother. Sounds like fun! I know it will be......check out the following link for all the juicy details and pictures of the other giveaway items. There is some really great stuff in this one! So easy to participate too. Good Luck!

If you want a set of mulberry bookmarks let me know soon!

My shop:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I found a couple of really nice websites for crafting so I thought I would share them on my blog today! If you have any you want to share please comment. I will check them out and then decide if I want to add them to my favorite list.


Strawberry Plants outside Glenna's Garden

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Spring has arrived at Glenna's Garden. Especially beautiful weather for the last two days 75 -80 here in Manchester, NH. I am off today. Back in the studio again tomorrow! There are many new Spring ACEO's and other items ready to be listed at Glenna's garden shop

Friday, April 2, 2010


Spring is here it is going to 75 today and 80 tomorrow. I have the windows open in the studio again. My lovely little Rocky Mt. Iris is loving life and so is the popped! I am going out today to look for more sign of spring. Here is the first.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yesterday the sprout popped ~ sorry terrible picture of the popped sprout.  Today just over night it has grown to 3". This is a Rocky Mountain Iris. I planted 8 seeds and one took right in the middle of the pot. Perfect so far! I am a lover of irises. I grew many tall bearded irises in the 1980's. Now I just collect anything with iris in it on it near it.....and I am growing one now in New Hampshire in my studio at Glenna's Garden stop on by and say hi!