Thursday, December 31, 2009


Finally we are celebrating a New Year tommorow JAN 1, 2010 and on ETSY we are having another FirstFridayArtWalk. All shops including mine at that participate can be found by using the search for all items tag word firstfridayartwalk at If you want to join please visit my shop and from there in my announcement you can read more about FirstFridayArtWalk on ETSY. We are bracing for another quick blast of a couple of inches of snow today I hear. It has been absolutely frigid in the negative degrees and very windy lately. I am staying warm in the studio, sewing and creating some of the Spring line for 2010 for Glenna's Garden. The picture of the day is a set of mulberry paper bookmarks I created for the Spring 2010 line. It is beautiful paper to work with as well as joy to look at. I have procured some of this paper so I can do a couple of custom orders wether it is bookmarks or tags. Interested please let me know. My email addy is This fine set of designer bookmarks is set to go up for sale in my shop in a couple of days. As always my customers love to see what is going on in the studio. So I will include a studio pic too. This cute snail was seen casting its' shadow as it slithered around the garden indoors of course not really though but what a neat way to make something from an empty plastic tape dispenser. I am keeping that one out of a landfill. ECO ART!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The weather outside is a chilly 25 degrees today in Manchester, NH. Warm inside Glenna's Garden studio. The poinsettia plant here has been earnestly working to change to red up through the stems and out through a few leaves the red pigment has started to flow. I thought I would share a picture of that today. It is actually very interesting how a poinsettia plant gets its' red because the rest of the year the leaves are a deep evergreen. The answer is to give the plant the right amount of darkness. Darkness falls on the plant in the room where it is and it always gets longer in the winter. Thus we have evergreen leaves that turn to red right around Christmas time. The poinsettia plant will bloom and that is when you get the yellow at the end. When that occurs with our lovely large poinsettia plant here at Glenna's Garden studio I will share it with you. Don't forget to stop on by our shop in Manchester, NH at HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Thank you kindly for dropping by. It all began in a garden!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I love to make jewelry as well as collect it. I will post a picture of new earrings I created that are similar to those available for sale at Glenna's Garden Each pair of dangle earrings were created using only .925 sterling silver pieces and glass beads. I will show you my favorite pair today and part of the Spring 2010 line. My customers love it when I show new items on here so you will get an eyeful today. My love for vintage jewelry collecting has spanned 30 years now. My recently found treasures once belonged to my Mother. So I mostly know the true age of this collection. There are so many pieces in this collection that are wearable today. Do I wear them yes I do to feel special!


Today is known as Super Saturday. One of the last few remaining big shopping days leading up to Christmas. Stop on by my shop online at where things are nice and cozy in the studio. The Mid Atlantic states are experiencing a huge snowfall 2 feet plus in some areas today. I am from Maryland and remember the big snowfall of 1983 on George Washington's Birthday. Today Glenna's Garden is sitting in zero degree temperatures. I will show you some outside New England Manchester, NH pictures of Glenna's Garden in a two part blog post today. We are expecting 2 to 4 inches of snow and then 2 to 4 inches again. The snowclouds are out today. It is dreary out and bitterly cold. We love it!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Timeless Treasures

At this time of the year I believe I am more affected by the past than any other time of the year...probably just like many other people. I am very nostalgic. I am going to be presenting vintage all month long on my blog. First and foremost there is a website you must visit. Just like ETSY you can join for free. Rubylane is full of vintage and antiques shops. It is always my first stop when I want to know about an old piece of timeless treasure I have acquired. Pictured here we have what I call functional vintage. A vintage Pyrex gravydish and saucer in the Crazy Daisy design and a vintage Pyrex princess casserole done in the pink Gooseberry design. Functional vintage means to me that not only are these pieces collectible but also they still can be used in todays modern kitchen. I recently found these two pieces of timeless treasures to add to my collection. I used them at my Thanksgiving table this year. For other vintage pieces start with and check out the new vintage items available at Glenna's Garden at this time of the year. Best wishes for happy holidays to all!