Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wonder Filled Wednesday

We live by what we believe, not by what we can see. 2 Corinthians 5:7
That is true if you do. I do! Do you?

It is 72 and cloudy (overcast) this afternoon. Last night we had rain and thunderstorms. Ohhh we are supposed to go to 81 today with more rain showers. Wash that pollen away. My eyes were very crusty this morning. I am allergic to tree pollen but I endured an outdoor fishing trip to be with my sons and grandsons. My eyes have been a mess since. Beautiful cherries in the summertime! A bowl of cherries! Cherry pie! Cherry cola!

From Dover Publications


Sara Moultans Blackberry Peach Cobbler Looks and sounds delicious!

So I am searching for more content. Oh here is something you might like too.

I just started using Pinterest

Making my boards

I play Scrabble online too. I am now am 18th highest with best word score. My friend is fourth highest right now. That is out of all Scrabble players online I believe.

Check this out!

In between all of this I do like to read online. I am an artist/designer, blogger, crafting, indoor gardening, love to cook, for now doing scrapbooking, swapping at and bidding for free things at Listia it is free to sign up and they give you points to start bidding on auctions and when you have an auction and it is over I get points. Great way to yard sale your home online and collect your favorite things. I get my scrapbook and art supplies on Listia. Sometimes I will pay for shipping. You don't have to buy anything you bid with your points. It is a lot of fun. Good way to clean out your destash. Good way to give and get so many different things. I like the books and gardening items in the home section too. Of course I am always searching for ME products.

My grandsons at the airport!

Thank you! Being a Nana to two grandsons is the best!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Terrific Time

We know that in everything God works for the good of those who love Him. They are in the people He called, because that was his plan. Romans 8:28
He sure does!

Yesterday I went fishing with my two sons and two grandsons. We went to Lake Massebesic fishing only no swimming is allowed. It was hot out but cool in the shade. My 4 yr old grandson caught three fish beating his uncle who caught two. I watched my two year old grandson most of the time. He pushed his large yellow dump truck all over. When I say all over that dump truck went everywhere. At first he was so mad because we were under pine trees and so on the ground there were a lot of pine needles and sticks plus the tree roots. It was all jamming up the trucks wheels. Then I showed him how to clear it out. He was much happier. He played in a small hole of black dirt we found and touched a fish plus played with the worms. His brother was screeching and running at times. He liked the fishing and catching part but not the baiting and releasing of the fish which his uncle did. The baby found a bobber too. What an excellent day we had. We went to my sons house afterwards and BBQed and hung out in the nice cool A/C the baby slept the whole time. He was worn out. My son (uncle) helped my four year old grandson get through a part of a video game where he and Daddy were stuck in. They were playing Batman Legos on the giant screen TV. My grandson at age four can play the game and actually understands it. Knows what he is doing and why. Amazing! Awesome! I had a teriffic time! We all did!

This morning it is overcast and 59. I don't think we had any rain yesterday. That's a first for Memorial Day. Today it is supposed to go up to 88 and thunderstorm too. My son is on vacation all week the son I live with. I was going to get to working on the scrapbooks I know there is more I can do to work on them without spreading stuff everywhere in this small space we have.

Here is an article on the best low calorie snacks!

Here is another good article ~ How to make the best burgers at home!

Never mind all that check out this article ~ What is for dinner this week?

"Your greatest creation is always going to be your life's story." - Jonathan Harris

On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that a successful relationship requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
Always with the same person, but deeper and deeper every time. Each time on a whole new level you together open in love and discover the truth of your beloved anew. There is no limit to the beauty of your beloved. If you think you've reached the end, stop generalizing.

Memorial Day 2012

We do not want you to become lazy. Be like those who through faith and patience will receive what God has promised. Hebrews 6:12
It is sunny this morning at 8:30 AM EST in  southern NH  It is Memorial Day 2012 a day to remember those who are missing POW's and those who have served in our military and lost their lives. It is a lot of people. We have Arlington Cemetary in Washington, DC only one of many.
I forgot to publish this yesterday! So you will get two posts today! 
On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that it's okay to ask for help.
Sometimes we get overwhelmed with the details and complexities of our lives. Sometimes we need some help to get untangled, to gain a new perspective. Ask for help. Help may come in human or divine form. It may be seen or unseen. Ask, and ye shall

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Missed You Yesterday

We believe with our hearts, and so we are made right with God. And we use our mouths to say that we believe, and so we are saved. Romans 10:10
I do with all my heart and soul!

Happy Birthday to my son, yesterday, you turned 31! I have a nice dinner planned for tonight.

Wow I sure must have been busy yesterday. I didn't blog. I went shopping for groceries. I was exhausted from the heat 88 and humidity at 81% It feels like FL in southern NH! I slept well with the A/C going and woke up in a freezer this morning. Not for long the temperatures are inching up to 82 today it is clear and sunny. Rain is soon to follow for the next couple of days. Of course I can't remember a Memorial Day that it hasn't rained. Tears from Heaven! Remember those who have gone before us especially those who have fought in the many wars the USA has been involved in. God bless them and our country. This whole world!

I am going to bake a cake here sooner than later the longer I wait the hotter it gets. With an oven on you can literally roast in my place. I can't open the windows. The pollen count is way too high! You can see it everywhere outside. Yellow powder and dust on everything swirling around in the wind. Coughing and sneezing runny scratchy eyes are my allergy symptoms. Even with prescription medicine and steroid nose spray. I still suffer a bit. Without it forget it Praise Him I have the medicine and spray. Praise Him for my medical care and good doctors.

 I missed this message from God yesterday so here it is

On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that how bad things may look right now means nothing, - it's how good they can be with God's help that counts.
In life you can absolutely count on one thing, - everything can turn around in one day, in one minute sometimes. Don't you dare to give up, - you might be a moment away from a windfall.

How to Make Loaded Baked Potato Do you know how? I am going to look it up at Be right back! Well I found this.......there is a recipe for twice baked potatoes there too.

I bake the potatoes then we have sour cream, butter, bacon bits and shredded cheese to top the potato. You can use chives too. My son said no chives for his birthday dinner. I am making a sirloin steak with petite and green beans. Yellow "butter" cake thanks to Duncan Hines oh and Betty Crocker made the chocolate frosting just for me. No sprinkles my son said I offered. Plenty of milk and orange soda too.

Great article on sunscreens! Use it! I do now #50 not "#15" #50 says it is waterproof  I don't believe it I put a lot of extra on all day long if I am outside. I still get a tan but I don't burn I have had way too many burns.

Memorial Day Night Sky watching HA not here in NH we are expecting thunderstorms I am sure it will be cloudy here in Southern NH I hope you get to see it.

Grilling Tips

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Friday

We are not saying that we can do this work ourselves. It is God who makes us able to do all that we do. 2 Corinthians 3:5
I forgot to hit the send button yesterday so today we have two Friday blogs. TGIF Praise Him! It is also the start of Memorial Day holiday weekend. Remember those who have served and lost their lives for our freedom. Oh this weekend is going to be busy for shopping but I must get my son's birthday dinner together and also make a cake for him on Sunday. Today is a wash I am so tired after caring for my grandson yesterday as usual I need a day to recuperate.

My allergies are bothering my eyes making them itchy and scratchy plus running at times. I am hiding in my place today hoping the pollen gets flushed away. It is very heavy right now. Yesterday I saw it on everything, especially on top of the cars. Check this out!

My grandsons first birthday June 30, 2011

Fun Places to Visit

I have been to some. Acadia Natinal Park is very nice. I went to Nova Scotia too.

I hope you have a safe fun wonder filled holiday weekend where ever you are!

Tis Thursday

We all share in Christ if we keep till the end the sure faith we had in the beginning. Hebrews 3:14
Baby grandson has pinkeye. I have been having uncomfortable eyes for the past few days too. Oh joy here we go again. The family that loves each other gets sick together. I was just at the baseball game over this last weekend with my grandson. Of course nobody knew then there was anything wrong. Also I have allergies and the pollen is up big time right now so it is hard to tell what I have. Itchy scratchy burning eyes with crusty this morning. Nice huh? Warm water felt good on them. Just allergies for me.
I was going to get some things done today that will have be postponed until tomorrow. My son's 31st birthday is on Saturday. We are celebrating it Sunday. I am making him a nice dinner and cake.
On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that today is a big day for you.
Yes, today. Keep your eyes open for a message. It might come in a shape of a bird flying overhead, or a graffiti on a wall, or a phrase said by a passerby, or... Whatever shape it has, this message has been trying to reach you for years, and today is finally the day. Keep your senses open.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hump Day

We have troubles all around us, but we are not defeated. We do not know what to do, but we do not give up the hope of living. We are persecuted, but God does not leave us. We are hurt sometimes, but we are not destroyed. 2 Corinthians 4:8-9
Strength and faith and hope hold out! Praise Him! You ask Him for help. Turn to Him and say I need your help Lord and He is there. He will hear you talk to Him. Pray!

In the Garden visual art journal page collage made by Glenna Normyle (me) FINIS

What is inspiration?

On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that recession is also a time of great opportunity.
Time and time again success has its roots in failure, because failure knocks you down from top of the hill so you can then climb a mountain. Yes it's unsettling, yes it's scary. But this can be your greatest opportunity in life, - if you choose it. The recession has cleared the space of clutter, - think what have you always wanted to do but brushed aside from the top of your hill? Now is the time...

You're my place of quiet retreat; I wait for your Word to renew me. Psalm 119:114

I hope you have a happy wonder filled hump day! All I can think of is whales.  They are next to cute as owls. Manatees too.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Totally Rainy Day

Wait for the Lord's help and follow Him. He will honor you and give you the land, and you will see the wicked sent away. Psalms 37:34
I love owls. I rubber stamped some of mine for someone. I was thinking today would be a nice day for a walk but no it is quite rainy and cool at 61 degrees here in Southern NH. I have a letter to send but it will have to wait to go out tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow it will be dry and I can go for a walk to the PO. I will be working on a scrapbooking page today and maybe get together some surprise happy mail for a few friends.

I love irises! and this saying too! If you see this and you created it or you know who created it please let me know so I can give you credit here. I see the initials ML. It is lovely, beautiful! It has an even deeper meaning for me.

I just got my June 2012 issue of the Bon Appetit magazine yesterday That is a beautiful piece of salmon. I eat salmon and haddock. So naturally this looks very good to me. I just thought I would share it with you.Peanut Chocolate Mud Pie Squares yummy looks so good! I am a diabetic so I would never make this dessert just for myself. Great for a summer party though!

On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that recession is also a time of great opportunity.
Time and time again success has its roots in failure, because failure knocks you down from top of the hill so you can then climb a mountain. Yes it's unsettling, yes it's scary. But this can be your greatest opportunity in life, - if you choose it. The recession has cleared the space of clutter, - think what have you always wanted to do but brushed aside from the top of your hill? Now is the time...n

Monday, May 21, 2012

Let All You Do Be Done With Love

Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love. 1 Corinthians 16:13
That is uncondtional love. One has to work hard at putting no conditions on their love. If you choose to stay in a relationship you must choose unconditional love. Then you will find true contentment. I am still trying to understand all of this. You can and should choose to leave a relationship if it is abusive. I am at peace with myself more now than I ever have been. That must come with age!

Thank you yes you know who you are! Praise Him for friends!

I like to receive these messages:

On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that your soul wants the freedom to sing, dance, love.
As your body needs nourishment - food, drink, sleep, so does your soul need nourishment - sing, dance, love. Life is not all work, work is not all hard toil. Nourish your soul with the food that is right for it, for it is the altar of your own inner temple.

Great tips on making the best hamburgers ~ what you should and should not do.

Have a wonder filled Monday!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sweet Sunday

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalms 27:14

I went to a hometown baseball game this afternoon. It was a sweltering 86 degrees out. We had shade and breezes. It was nice.  Our team is called the Manchester Fisher Cats. I spent time there with my two sons and baby grandson. He is 23 months old. He didn't know what we were doing there but he still had fun. He especially liked the big tractor on display. His baseball hat. Eating french fries. Playing peek a boo with me! Walking holding his Daddy's and my hand.

I finished my visual art journal page today. Yay! It turned out so nice! I had a lot of fun making this. It took a long time days month or more to draw her hat. It is titled "In the Garden"

Visual art journal page made by me (Glenna Normyle) I chose to make a collage using a variety of mediums. I hand drew in ink each and every detail of her, her hat and kerchief. Dimensions are 5 1/2" by 8 1/2"

On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that contentment comes from unconditional love.
When you love conditionally, you have to keep deciding if the other is worthy of your love. You can never let go of your guard enough to be content. Why not decide once and for all, and love once and for all. And be content.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today is a New Day

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5
It is bright and sunny today. My garden needs it. They looked sooooo happy. I swear if flowers had smiles mine would. Praise Him for today! We had terrible thunderstorms last night. The lightening was really bad. Now it is calm. The birds must be chirpping they always do when it is absolutely beautiful out. It is 57 now and we are expecting 68. Great day for a walk!
I have to finish up my organizing of 1 1/2  more zip lock bags and then on to a project. I am up early and motivated. Ready to create and I know what direction I am going.
Here is a partially done project. I am currently working on it. I will share pictures as I go.
In the Garden visual art journal page that I am working on

Do you love mason jars? Check this out for everything mason jars!
On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that tomorrow you will harvest the seeds you sow today.
What kind of seeds do you need to sow today, so tomorrow turns into the dream you have always wanted?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dripping Wet Wednesday

Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires. 2 Peter 1:4
It is another wet one today and muggy. I had to run errands a bit ago and I came home to the nice A/C it is like FL out there. You know in FL it rains almost every day mostly in the afternoons. I lived in Melbourne, FL for over 15 years total. I miss it and I don't!  The hurricanes were awful! I don't think I could do that again. Mentally it is was hard and physically second. You take what you can and head for higher ground away from the hurricane but once or twice it followed us. Frightening! Praise Him he has a plan!

I cut that Gerbera Daisy the 3 in 1 and it fell apart today so did another one in the pot and one before that yesterday. The flowers are dropping like flies. I see new growth so I will back off on watering and let it dry out a bit and not get moldy hopefully. Some plants love the garden and others don't. I hope I don't lose it. I have a pretty good green thumb.

I am awaiting the last package of boy scrap book supplies I won on Listia to arrive. They were mailed yesterday from Illinois. So I should be seeing them soon. Then I am officially ready to make scrap books. I thought I was ready before but after making one page I realized I did not have enough supplies to do scrap booking properly. I also have a visual art journal page that needs to be started and finished by May 28, 2012 Well mailed out that day at the latest.

I used to love getting these little booklets called Our Daily Bread in the mail

My adult son that I live with has a birthday coming up. I can't wait to surprise him with something he has wanted for years. I should be able to easily find it at Walmart and so I definately need to go to Walmart and the grocery store this weekend with my friends. Money is tight! I am really feeling the pinch now. Funny how there is always just enough though. I feel really sorry for all of those whom are struggling now with or without a roof over their head. How many people are looking for a job? This doesn't feel like 2012 it feels like the 70's and 80's. Everything seems to be so expensive. I get by with the minimums of food now. I am doing well eating little to no beef and pork. More fish seafood fruit and vegies too. I have stocked up and it made me feel good to be able to give some food to the mail carrriers food collection last Saturday. Right now I have 3 quarters but I need 2 more to make $1.25 so I can wash a load of my clothes. I don't use the dryer. I don't have another $1.25 for that. Some how I will get it though probably this weekend. I have the money it is in my small bank account. I just don't have the physical proper change to wash clothes at the moment. I remember there were times when it came down to do I eat or wash my clothes. That was rough. I had no roof over my head. Praise Him I am grateful for how things have changed for me. Thank you Lord!

Most beautiful violet!

This is what I read and because I have diabetes I decided to give a try. I still slip up once in awhile but it is easy to get right back on track.

Here is a chart from Dover Publications to help you draw and color your own koi

I hope you have a wonder filled crafty day or night!

On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that every time you pretend to love, you impoverish yourself more and more.
Love has great potential to enrich your life. But if you are just playing a role, pretending to love, it's only going to poison you. Because you are teaching yourself that it's just a game, and slowly but surely you will lose the capacity to open in love.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rain Again

Train children to live the right way, and when they are old, they will not stray from it. Proverbs 22:6

Oh it is rainy and gloomy again today. The temperature here is 59. Here is Southern NH. Just above Boston. The talk on Mother's Day was to go to the aquarium in Boston sometime soon. I told my son if he ever took his kids to the zoo. Nana wanted to be there. I want to do things with my grandsons now that they are older 2 and 4. I want to see them when they are not sick. Of course I will always care for them when they are sick. I think I will pass on tummy sickness though. I got it bad from the younger grandson about a month ago or so. Everybody had it! I have to be careful because I am a diabetic. Speaking of diabetes. I was really sick from it yesterday. The past few days I have been swinging from low lows to the highest high's for me yet. I seem to feel better this morning. I woke up just before seven AM EST. One thing I like to do is give Him praise for the day. Write about interesting things. Hopefully today or one day later on someone will enjoy what I write about. Perhaps?

My new addition to the garden is the Gerbera Daisy so I did some reading up about it. I found that there was a clump of three daisies that all grew together on my plant. Amazing! I cut it off and stuck it in some water and put it nearby my desk area. I have taken several pictures of the cutting. One thing I learned was to only use 1/2" of water with a cutting. They do not like to be in a lot of water.

Triple Gerbera Daisy cutting

Here are some links I found about the Gerbera Daisy

Well maybe today I will do what I was supposed to do yesterday. I fell ill with diabetes complications and slept all afternoon. I want to start working on the visual art journal page. I pulled a bunch of pieces I would like to include of course way too much for such a small space. I also have to see what color preferences the person I am sending this to may have. Maybe even their favorite season could be dipicted some how. Gardens go in stages with the different seasons. Especially winter they seem to disappear.

Where ever you are enjoy the season's beauty and have a wonder filled day!

Monday, May 14, 2012

In the Garden

To the person who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness, but to the sinner he gives the task of gathering and storing up wealth to hand it over to the one who pleases God. Ecclesiastes 2:26-25
Rainy Monday again this is three weeks in a row now. Praise Him he knows we must need it! I have grocery shopping to do later on. Just a quick trip I don't need much. All day long to finish organizing and then getting crafty! Oh and clean up here water my plants and I am sure I have forgot something else I have to do!

In the Garden

I come to the garden alone, While the dew is still on the roses, And the voice I hear falling on my ear, The Son of God discloses . . .
And He walks with me, and He talks with me, And He tells me I am His own, And the joy we share as we tarry there, None other, has ever, known!
He speaks and the sound of His voice, Is so sweet the birds hush their singing, And the melody that he gave to me, Within my heart is ringing . . .
And He walks with me, and He talks with me, And He tells me I am His own, And the joy we share as we tarry there, None other, has ever, known!

Words and Music by C. Austin Miles , 1912

Miles intended it as an Easter song; the speaker of the poem is Mary Magdalene.

Today I am starting my visual art journal page titled "In the Garden". It is 5 1/2" by 8 1/2" I chose to use my watercolor 140 lb. paper to make mine on for my swap partner. I am going to do a collage of  things seen in a garden including some surprises here and there. If I make progress on it I will share a picture of it here later on today otherwise tomorrow morning.

The following is a link to some great information about visual art. What is visual art? Principles of design?

Wow that is a long internet address!

I hope you have a wonder filled crafty day today!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Thus says the Lord of hosts: 'Execute true justice, Show mercy and compassion everyone to his brother.' Zechariah 7:9

So I went to a lovely Mother's Day breakfast! It is almost 1:00 PM EST in southern NH the weather is beautiful today. 74 and sunny! Praise Him for this wonderful day!

I am expecting my son DIL and two grandsons to come to my place and visit me for Mother's Day. I spoke with my almost 2 year old grandson on the phone for the first time awhile ago. That was all I needed to fall in love all over again. I can't hardly wait to see him and my other grandson who is four years old now.

I spoke with my Mother in Heaven! I miss her so much! It never gets any easier! It has been going on 6 years in November 2012 now since she went to Heaven.

Well my little ones are on their way over so I have to go. Might be back on later maybe not!
I am back now later on. It is 4:30 PM EST in southern NH and it is 84 degrees out. The A/C sure does feel nice. I just had an order in it was a delicious spinach salad from one of the fancy restaurant caterers here in the city. Their honey mustard dressing is made with dijon. Perfect meal. I had a wonderful visit with my son and grandsons. My daughter in law made me a really nice container on a potted gerbera daisy plant. It is beautiful. She took a break from her guys so I actually didn't get to see her. I am going to share some pictures of my Mother's Day which has been wonder filled so far.

My grandson 23 months old reading a book at my place on Mother's Day 2012

Thumbs up for Cheerios on a plate!

Baby of baby spider plant
Wonderful gift made for me by my DIL It is a gerbera daisy! Now growing in Glenna's Garden!

On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that when you pursue your dreams, every second is an encounter with God.
Following your dreams opens your heart allowing God to enter and fill you with bliss.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunny Saturday

They soon forgot His works; they did not wait for His counsel, but lusted exceedingly in the wilderness, and tested God in the desert. And He gave them their request, but sent leanness into their soul. Psalms 106:13-15
I am loving it today! It is 65 at 10:30 AM this morning EST in Southern NH. Going up to the high 70's today and it is sunny.

My friend is coming over and we are going to order in lunch at my place. Oh I get to entertain with paper plates and plastic cups. YAY! I am trying to get some things together so I can mail them out in the street box this afternoon. Great excuse to go for a walk.

Watching some TV at night seems to spawn nightmares in me often. I think I am going to get back to reading more before I fall asleep. I hope I do better with that. I need a bookshelf in my bedroom. I will keep my eyes peeled for one as my Mother used to say. My brother sisters and I used to laugh so much when she said that.

As a Mother I am really looking forward to tomorrow. It is a somber day for me usually as I think about my own Mother who is not here with us anymore. She is with me though! I can talk to her anytime and I know she hears me. She is in my prayers.

If you are a Mom or Mom to be congratulations and Happy Mother's Day early. My gift to you!

On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that when you feel down, look at yourself through God's eyes.
There are times when no matter how hard you try, you just cannot accept yourself as you are. During such times, think of how you look to God's eyes. In God's eyes, there is no judgment, there is only acceptance. God sees your light when all that you can see are your shadows. God loves you more than anyone could ever love you as you really are.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Praise Him for Friday

Some of Glenna's Garden
Through these he gave us the very great and precious promises. With these gifts you can share in being like God, and the world will not ruin you with its evil desires. 2 Peter 1:4

Today well this afternoon they are calling for thunderstorms. So I am staying indoors! It just got super windy so the storms are coming. I have two jobs to do dishes and laundry. Laundry will have to wait I don't have any quarters. Dishes quick and easy. I am going to have to cook up a bunch of chicken breasts oh well I will alternate them between lunches and dinner. With the dishes done and 5 boneless skinless chicken breasts are now cooking. I am back to blogging. I do add to my blogs. I stop sometimes for lunch. Then I come back and add to the blog that day when I find something interesting that I have read online to share with you. So I may have some more content later on!
On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that God sees you as you truly are, - a holy child of light:
I see you strong and whole. I see you blessed and prospered. I see you courageous and confident. I see you capable and successful. I see you free from all limitations or bondage of any kind. I see you as the spiritually perfect being you truly are.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rainy Days and Thursdays

Those who love your teachings will find true peace, and nothing will defeat them. Psalms 119:165
Rainy day again no sun gloomy but at least the pollen is washed away. I am going to run errands some time this morning. My friend is picking me up.

I am still organizing supplies. I didn't accomplish much yesterday with a doctor appointment in the middle of the day. Today I plan to conquer this place. It will be tidier by day's end. I received a nice patriotic swap yesterday. I need to send mine. I can use some of the embellishments and the flag paper in my grandson's scrapbook. Plus I have a blank card to send someone! I am rethinking my swap even though it is sealed I want to make it better for my swap partner especially since her husband serves our country in the military.

I just worked on my card drawer and paper drawer. It was woefully mixed up and tight. Now that I have an open drawer. I am thinking one may hold all of my paper even the 12 x 12 pieces. I will finish that up later.

I am just sitting here passing the time waiting for my friend to call me. I hope this isn't one of her times when she calls me and then never shows up. I get all excited dressed and ready to go out but no ride. I am definately not walking to the stores in the rain.

Wherever you are I hope you have a wonder filled day or night!

From Dover Publications

The plants trees grass flowers and bushes need the rain!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday Rains

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Matthew 5:6
It rains and it pours and it pours some more. Day three of rain. At least it is 57 Oh I see we are expecting thunderstorms. Praise Him for these overcast rainy days! The plants trees and flowers love it!

I have a doctor appointment today. Just a yearly physical. Well not just but I am not seeing her because I am sick or anything. I love my doctor. I have been with her for 6 years now. I hope I have lost weight. My scale here at home doesn't seem to be so accurate. I am so grateful for these wonderful doctors I have had here in the New England area. Praise Him for healings! Thank you Lord for being there with me through many surgeries and procedures in the past six years.

Author Maurice Sendak went to Heaven yesterday. Here is a link to a reading of one of stories titled "Where the Wild Things Are"

I loved to read some of his books years ago to my sons. I was hoping to collect some to share with my grandsons. The price has gone up I am sure. I will see what I can find for my grandsons.

This afternoon there is more supply organizing to be done. Then I can start the layout for an art journal page. As I have been organizing my supplies I have pulled supplies that might be nice for this art journal page swap. I still don't have a book/journal to hold mine that I get from others in the swaps. I am going to make a dimensional collage. I pray that I remember to take pictures of this project this time. The swap is titled "In The Garden"

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Baby Grandson is Growing Up

Those who go to God Most High for safety will be protected by the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, "You are my place of safety and protection. You are my God and I trust you." God will save you from hidden traps and from deadly diseases. Psalms 91:1-3
It tis a rainy day again arghhhhh! It is 48 feels like 44 here in Southern NH. Rainy days and Mondays. Well we got sun for two days. That was nice over the weekend too. It is gloomy once again. I got some new rubber stamps from a friend and then she sent me another nice package full of ME Mary Engelbreit mostly ~ little note cards, sticky pads, an ME bookmark, lots of big ME note cards, a pretty cupcake picture note pad with pen just the perfect size for my purse oh and so much more. Plus she sent me another envelope with a stack of postcards for me to share with others in my swaps. Such a nice online friend Praise be to Him for her!

I have much more organizing of my supplies to do. I love it though I am finding things like my letter G sticky notes. Things I have not used in awhile. I shared some of the G sticky notes with my friend Gina awhile back. I sent her a note online with before and after pictures of the "Gina" plant. She agrees that Gina has grown. I love it when I walk in to the plant room and there is a plant started from a cutting from a friend. It is one of the best greetings of all!  
He is not a baby anymore! Look at how big his hand is, This is my sweet precious 4 year old grandson.
On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that it's your heart that knows who loves you, not your ears or eyes.
Listen to the words, and you can be fooled. Look at the actions, and you can be fooled. Feel deeply into your heart, and then you will know the truth. Who makes your heart soar now? Well, what are you waiting for?
My grandsons do! I know I just thought of a great idea. Stay home from school one day with Nana. They don't have to be sick either I prefer healthy. I am going to ask my son if we can do that. I am also ready for sleep overs with my 4 year old grandson. I have never had that. I will try anything at least once. I want to make pancakes in the morning for him. Read books to him. Play with my art supplies too.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dominoes Are Falling Down

Those who give one of these little ones a cup of cold water because they are my followers will truly get their reward. Matthew 10:42
I have been thoroughly entertained for awhile this morning watching a lot of these dominoe competitions and the various unimaginable amazing awesome set ups! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I love it Praise Him I see sun this morning again. My garden is loving it and they will even more when they get a nice dousing of warm water soon. Mondays are watering days and sometimes they might some need touch ups in between. My "Gina" plant which is a sedum is in her new home now. All she needs is some nice warm sunshine today. She felt a bit cold this morning. Here she is now in her new headquarters. A much larger pot. I saw a picture of her Mother. She is a large bushy beautiful plant growing outdoors in a garden that belongs to a friend of mine. In case you are wondering what is growing in the background that is my avocado tree. Oh I have high ceilings but this tree has been groomed by me over the years to about 5 feet tall. She is another beauty! I started her from an avocado pit. She must be root bound poor thing but I am afraid if I give her more room to grow she might go wild and crazy on me. So I keep her tamed! My garden is due for a feeding and it is amazing what that does. I have many species of plants that flower from basil to my beloved pomegranate. Of course my precious grandsons mean more to me than anything in this world. Thank you Lord. I just moved Gina into the sun. I got all of my finger tips dirty pulling soil to the center and giving her an uplift and support. She needs more soil added later on.

I hope you have a sunny wonder filled Monday where ever you are and if it is night time for you now well you are sleeping. Sleep well!

On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that you are blessed.
You may think you have challenges, but you have so many blessings. Sometimes it takes only a moment of conscious effort to recognize those blessings. Once you focus on the gifts instead of the problems, your whole perspective will change and you will see blessings everywhere.

Yes I am blessed!

Father to the fatherless, defender of widows — this is God, whose dwelling is holy. God places the lonely in families.  - Psalms 68:5-6 ✞

My grandsons!

Nothing is better than these two grandsons of mine. I love their smiles! Ages 2 and 4.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. Galatians 5:24
 YAY it is bright sunny this morning already 51 degrees out. It is a first after many days of gloom y cloudy rainy days. I am going to run my errands this morning some time so I can get out and enjoy this day. Weather man says 66 today. Nice. I thought we might be headed for some mugginess but we aren't there yet. No A/C needed so far. Oh my garden is going to love the sun today just soak it up. Praise Him for this beautiful sunny Sunday.

I am back on a normal sleep schedule. Unfortunately I am also back on one inhaler. It looks like I will have to go forth with a special breathing test and return to discuss things with a pulmonary specialist. Then I have to do a sleep study after that. I really don't want this to be happening. I have enough health problems already to deal with. I am still young. I will be 54 this year. I embrace my age. I had my sons young and now I am a younger Nana too. Speaking of my grandsons I miss them. My feel good Nana feelings are worn down completely. Next month the baby turns 2 on June 30. What a precious child and a beautiful gift from Him. My four year old grandson is an amazing gift too. Thank you Lord.

Check this out Chocolate Chunk Cherry Cookies

Check this out! We have a museum downtown with a huge replica of our millyards from years ago. It is all done in Legos. Yes Legos!

I hope you have a wonder filled Sunday! I know I will!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blessings Even in Plant Cuttings

They are blessed who are persecuted for doing good, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them. Matthew 5:10-12
Yes it does. So do good!

It is 59 and muggy here in Southern NH at 11:30 AM EST as I write this.. Yes it is a rainy day off and on basically cloudy. However the sun did shine while I was eating my breakfast this morning.

I am going to a Kentucky Derby party/bbq today. I have sedum plant pictures to share with you this is the before picture. She has clearly outgrown her pot. Waving in the air. This is growing indoors in my garden. Tomorrow I will be buying her a larger new pot to spiff up her accomadations.  After she is replanted I will share her after pictures with you. This is my "Gina" sedum plant. My friend Gina gave me a nice start from hers a couple of months ago.

"Gina" sedum plant May 2012

Unusual Succulent Container Gardens

Today is Cinco de Mayo

Here is a recipe for a scrumptious looking cake!

I hope you have a wonder filled blessed Saturday and Sunday!

On this day of your life, Glenna, we believe God wants you to know ... that when you need some energy and inspiration, step outside.
Touch the Earth with your feet, lift your face to the sun, breathe the air, listen to the birds and the wind through the trees. Glory in the creation that surrounds you.

I did!