Thursday, February 17, 2011

For Goodness Sake

Today was a good day, despite bad news at my doctors office...I also got good news....I didn't gain any weight this winter my doctor said....Yay! I said oh that is the best news! I am managing to maintain status quo! I have not been well. My blood pressure is not under control and I am already on three medecines for it. So now one of the meds is being increased. I hope the energy comes back high blood pressure can make you feel very tired so can a thyroid problem. I have that too plus a plethora more medical problems all other stories in of themselves. I want to feel good this Spring. Quickly back to high blood pressure you can get nasty headaches and ringing in your ears ~ I also have those two symptoms. My ears are screaming at me.....I hate this symptom the most. Well hopefully with more meds I will start to feel better quickly. It warmed up a bit today and the snow has started melting some....I am praying for an early Spring! How about you?

Friday, February 4, 2011


Charlie Sleeping

It is two degrees outside here in southern New Hampshire. That is cold. My heat is cranked and it still feels cold inside. My feet are cold time to cover up. It is 3:30 AM. I am usually up at 4 AM at the latest. Bedtime for me is early in the evening every day. The best habit to have is good sleep. How is your sleep?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pux's Prediction

Yesterday was a whiteout and it snowed so hard it looked like it was raining. We got about a foot total on top of the couple the other feet of snow that was still here. I am so looking forward to Spring! Funny because I am doing a postcard swap today. I just happened to find some really nice Spring postcards recently so that is what I am sending out. Check out for a large variety of fun swaps. So far I have had a super positive experience with swapping from email to postcards to crafts and also supplies. plus more. I have traded my artcards in the ATC swaps! Well with yesterday being Groundhog Day we should now be expecting Spring soon. Do you believe in Pux's prediction? Is Spring coming early?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It is Finally February 2011

As a young girl, I moved with my family from Lake Oswego, Oregon to Park Forest, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago in 1967. When 23 inches of snow fell in 1967 in Chicago, Illinois, I was living there, I was 9 years old. From there we moved for a second time to Bethesda, Maryland, I was still 9 years old then. The United States is experiencing a weather event of great proportions today. I now live in Southern New Hampshire. We just got another few inches of snow today possibly 6" already as part of this huge storm and we are to be getting more later on. This winter storm extends from Texas to Maine and many states in between as it sweeps up the map to the lakes and Chicago. Chicago may beat the record of the 1967 blizzard today when the storm passes through the windy city as they are called. We have too much snow from the previous storms of this winter. Where are we going to put all of this snow. Any suggestions?