Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wishing for Etsy Shop Sales and Custom Orders

Today I got a surprise gift from a seller I had purchased from a couple of times. Now that is a true PIF. Just like my PIF's which are FREE at my shop
I joined yesterday. Today ironically I was given a vintage meat grinder so now I have two vintage meat grinders. I also was given a creamer today that I want to know more about so I contacted they said they needed more info on that item and my Capistrand R8338 Japan soup bowl. I am sure it is vintage as well. It takes about a week to get an answer back from so I am waiting. Meanwhile I have been busy at Glenna's Garden I started making ACEO/ATC pressed flower pictures. I made a young lady dressed in pressed flowers. My first one I really hope she goes to a good home. She can be seen at . This is the smallest work I have done with my pressed flowers and greenery. I truly enjoyed making her. It took me several hours to do. I now have her protected in a plastic sleeve. My custom projects involve much more detail like this lampshade I did recently. I am learning all about vintage. I have always been drawn to vintage. A lot of my handmade decorated boxes, cards, stationery and bookmarks are adorned with vintage papers. There is much thought and design that goes into using vintage papers so that you can preserve as much of the original vintage paper as possible. I have purchased many high quality vintage cards and papers from seller's on Etsy. So that now I actually have a backlog of designs and projects to do. I have seriously been thinking about opening a second Etsy shop for supplies only. I have collected so many unique and some vintage items over many years. One of the really neat, newest additions to Glenna's Garden is a 2" vintage owl pendant which can be seen in the picture at the top of this blog. Very unique....please let me know if you have seen an owl pendant like this one. Well it is time for me to go back to the garden and plant some more seeds. Blessings~*~Glenna from Glenna's Garden~*~

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hot Day Today at Glenna's Garden

I have been busy gathering supplies. I posted some new handmade cards in my shop at I started making cards with flowers from 2009 and posted a pansy flower lady card for sale today. I was just in chat at Etsy and I was told that my pictures need to be lightened up. Another project for me to work on and new software to learn. I look forward to learning new things everyday. Today I made a Flickr. It was fun to do and not too hard check it out at This beautiful lady is dressed in real pressed flowers. She is an ACEO card or ATC artist trading card. I made her as my first ACEO. She is for sale in my shop now.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happenings At Glenna's Garden

Yesterday I worked on putting together all of the bookmarks and cards I will be listing in my shop for Mother's Day. It is a lot of work to make the products, photograph them and list them let alone package them and ship too. I am enjoying it not complaining here. I made this card using vintage papers from a card from the early 1960's. I love to use vintage paers and design with them in my cards, bookmarks and boxes. I sell all of these items and much more at TodayI got a great big bunch of flowers and greenery to press. They are now plumping up in vases. They smell so good especially the Sweet William. Tomorrow I will be pressing the flowers for my favorite project of all pressed flower art on canvas. I can hardly wait to present a pressed flower project of mine on Etsy. I will be making a vase with flowers in it totally out of pressed flowers and greenery. I have several boxes in various stages of design at this point. I am so excited in the last two days I have received my second and third orders from Etsy. I am trying to figure out what I want to sell from my photography and how to protect my photos from being copied. I am very busy these days and I love it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Spring has sprung at Glenna's Garden. My creativity is flowing. I have a shop online now. It is at . I have turned my hobby into something I can hopefully sell. I make these cards. They are what I call my altered photography. I joined EtsyNHStreetTeam the other day. I am meeting many fellow artisans (Etsians) from my homestate of NH. The Live Free or Die State. Actually I am from the West Coast originally. Oregon is where I grew up until age 9 and then we moved East to Maryland. I left MD and lived in FL for 15 years off and on when I was older. I claim NH to be my home now that I have lived here for three years. Well I have to go for now. It is Saturday and the big day before Easter. Brady my 14 mo. old grandson is coming over for a visit tonight. I can't wait to give him big Nana hugs and kisses. HAPPY EASTER everybody!