Monday, October 31, 2011


The weather we had over the weekend was no trick nor a treat. We lost many mature trees. Large limbs 2 feet around and larger snapped like twigs. Here is the center tallest part of the tree at the top of the once beautiful trio of maples that I have written about previously and now you can see at the very top of the tree it snapped off. The tree center was weighted down to the ground it has now gone back up. It stands 75 feet tall as a guess. The lilac bush which stands 25 plus feet tall was literally flattened and buried over the top of the six foot tall fence. The forsythia was flattened into the 3 foot fence and buried by the snow. The snow was wet and very heavy. It snowed for hours! Schools will be closed again tomorrow for a second day. There is no trick or treating tonight. It has been moved up to Thursday.

Maple tree (the center yellow one is part of a trio)

Forsythia bush

Lilac bush

Friday, October 28, 2011

Frigid Friday

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Yesterday my younger grandson was still sick poor baby so I cared for him. He has caught a virus! I have had my flu shot and pneumonia shot. Plus I just had strep throat and bronchitis. I did a round of antibiotics so I am praying it is all enough to make me super Nana.

It snowed last night. Where my grands live it was sticking to cars piling up on top of them and also sticking to the grass. Here yesterday gone today. There are frozen puddles of rain in the shady areas here today. I had to go to the PO streetbox this morning I was more like running to get there and back home. It is so cold and windy out today. I feel chilled to the bone and I am trying to decide if I want heat. I had it all day yesterday when I was with my grandson and it felt so good. I am having chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Warm foods! LOL I complain about the heat in the summer and now the cold and I want heat. I do throw off my covers all night long while sleeping I get so hot anyway.

Please feel free to copy this. I am fighting diabetes!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What it is Wednesday

I knew I was saving all of those envelopes for something this is great check it out!

Some envelopes I have saved and opened for patterns. Now I will keep them closed. I really want to make one of these books. Very cool!

I have lots of Nana energy now. The baby was sick yesterday so I cared for him. I also saw them this past Sunday. The boys (my grands) are now 16 months and 3 and 8 months old officially. The baby a preemie size when born now weighs 27 pounds. My arms are aching so bad from having to pick him up all day yesterday. It is all worth it!!!!! I am pretty sure he said nana a couple of times yesterday and his dancing is soooooo cute. He loves music sounds pushes a car making car sounds is learning to manipulate buttons knobs pushing pulling walking loves to be chased and runs. I had so much fun with him!We are expecting a rain snow mix tomorrow. It is cold outside. Looks cold out today feels cold. Cold enough I need a sweater indoors. Someone left the living room window open a bit. Heat rises so hopefully the people under us get cold and turn on their heat. I need to clean all of my baseboard heaters before I can turn on my heat. They collect dust and it is a continual job year round to clean the dust off of them. First time I have had gas heat and I am not very fond of it plus no A/C but window air conditioners. I have been here in southern NH for 5 years now and I still want central heat and a/c. I would have to move again. I am not a fan of moving either. Give me 70 year round! Oh that must be nearly impossible except for I hear Tahiti! I like seasons though. Oh lala the trio of maples is gorgeous! This view is worth it though!!!!!

We are just about at peak season Fall 2011 here in southern New Hampshire! It is cold outside I just took this picture. It is grey and cold. It doesn't feel cold enough to snow though!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Loving the Leaves

That is it I am going to get a bigger crock pot this year! Many people swear by them. Mine is a good size for appetizers. Check this out 5 ingredient recipes for cooking in your crockpot! How easy is that?

I saw my grandsons and son yesterday. Now I will have lots of feel good inside Nana feelings that last a long time. It is cold today. I was going to walk to the PO but I think I might just get to the street box today. I have to go tomorrow because after that we are expecting 4 days of rain. There go all the leaves falling down down down! So I am still in the Fall making crafts mood. I am going to work on the owls today. I have so many neat ideas for embellishing them. I showed my grandsons the gingerbread men I am giving them for Christmas. They went nuts for them. Grabbing so that is a hot item I see. I told my 3 1/2 year old grandson to keep an eye out in the mail for something for him from me that is orange. I have a Halloween card with a plastic orange spider ring in it for him. Even though we live nearby I like to send him cards in the mail on different holidays! My other grandson is 1 1/2 so he doesn't really know what it is all about yet but I am sending him a card he can play with. I have a few cute stickers I am sending along in both boys cards. I live in a locked front door secure building so I don't get trick or treaters. That was my treat yesterday and a total surprise.

Loving Fall 2011! How about you? Photography by Glenna Normyle (me)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

So It Is Saturday

Wow I am feeling sooooo much better today and not coughing so much. My body is soooo sore and both of my arms where I had shots on Thursday hurt. I have been sick for 2 weeks now with strep throat and bronchitis. I just want to get better. I am praying to God to heal me!

This is a tutorial from another blog on how to create a prayer flag check it out! I thought you might like it. It gives me a great idea for a bunting!

I actually feel up to getting out for a walk this morning. I have to anyway I have mail to send. I at least need to get to the street box and back home again. I am going to take my camera with me to catch some of this Fall's splendor here in Manchester, NH!

I am working on making these 4 1/2" tall owls. Here is a picture of them as they are now mounted on 140 lb paper and partially cut out by me. They need eyes and decorations. Tufts of hair you know character! Perhaps even a dash of glitter! What are they well tags, bookmarks or decorations! Maybe even an embellishment for a homemade card. I fell in love with the paper design and how they were originally cardstock cut out by someone else! Their beaks lift up which I am filling in with black ink. I won these from a good friend of mine on Listia.

You can check out Listia here I have never had so much fun online than doing this. I get some awesome crafting supplies for free. Plus the inspiration for great ideas. This is my project for this weekend I promise I will show completed pictures of each adorable owl! I love owls how about you?

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Beautiful Friday

I find this song to be incredibly uplifting and inspiring I know that he loves me and I do Him!

You Are Beautiful

I hope you enjoyed the song!


The trees are rapidly changing color, the rain has made many leaves drop. and the wind has even helped to drop a few more. It was warm yesterday not sure about today I haven't been outside yet. It looks very windy today. This is a triple treat every Fall one red, one orange and a yellow in the middle. Large beautiful maple trees!

"Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do.....but how much LOVE we put in that action" ~~~Mother Teresa~~~

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One Wet Wednesday

Brighter Days by Cynthia Ann Conley

Thank God for the robins song that fills the air in spring. Thank God for the flowers and the beauty they do bring. Thank God for the gentle breeze and the early morning dew. Thank God for all his blessings; Thank God for life brand new. Thank God for sunshine with such warm and golden rays. Thank God after stormy skies He brings us brighter days.

Rainy again today this is a wet Fall so far. I am sick again of course this time I have strep throat which I have never had before and bronchitis. This is the second time in my life I have been diagnosed with bronchitis. I had a chest xray and it looked fine they said. Praise Him I was a smoker. I quit smoking in 2003. It is so hard to do. At the time my Mother was dying from Picks Disease. It was her wish for many years that I would quit. I did it for her me my children family and friends. I am so grateful I was able to stop the addiction to cigarettes. I have grandchildren now! I hope to live a long time to watch them grow up and maybe even enjoy great grandchildren.

My grandsons Fall 2011 school pictures

Praise Him for blessing me with two handsome grandsons! (Even when they are not so happy)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Not so Funday

 Jesus is the Reason for the Season!  I just read this on another site but have known it to be a saying. I thought I would just throw it out as an early reminder. I am not rushing Christmas but I am preparing for it. I don't like to last minute shop and make rushed decisions. I am lucky because I can do my shopping online. Now that I found Listia I am getting a lot of free gifts. I like to make my own cards for friends and family but this year I bought some really cute Mary Engelbreit ones instead. You can't beat ME.

I have had a nasty cold, all week. My wheezing is bad and coughing all night too. I feel like I can't breathe right. I was supposed to see my doctor today for a regular visit but she is at the hospital delivering babies. Then it turns out there were no other doctors at the clinic to see me at all. I am waiting for a phone call response from my son as to wether or not he can take me to urgent care when he gets out work tonight.

Soup and grilled cheese sandwich sounds good. I have been giving myself a ton of fluids. What do you do to get rid of a cold? Oh yes and the triage nurse at my doctors office suggested I take a hot shower and inhale steam so I am going to do that after I eat. Oh no I looked I have no soup. Tunafish sandwich maybe. I am really not hungry!

I am sure I won't be doing much this weekend but recovering. No grocery shopping etc besides why would I want to make other people sick possibly. Not so funny when you are a customer in a store and you hear an employee bragging to a manager about how she is at work and she is sick so why couldn't so and so (another employee) come in sick too. I overheard that when I was grocery shopping last weekend! Thank you very much! I should have said something then to them.

I am going to get some more rest. It is raining today sounds so nice out side the window perfect to lull me asleep. I wish I felt better! I hope you are feeling ok today!

This is a fabric ACEO created by G Normyle (me)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Worry Not

Worry Ends Where Faith Begins

6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6,7

I know I need to turn this over to my Lord. I worry when I get sick like I am right now. I end up with breathing problems. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow. I am drinking lots of fluids, resting, and no cold meds. All the usual cold meds interfere with the medication I take on a daily basis. I did try Nyquil and Advil cold meds last night. I didn't really sleep well. I usually have to buy special expensive cold medication so I am trying to fore go that for now. Today I got out for a short walk to the PO street box. It was sprinkling rain and not really cold. I figured it would be good for me. Besides my outgoing mail pile was getting big. I did notice more leaves have turned especially the red maples. I know where to go for some spectacular pictures when the sunshine returns.

This is a photograph I took of a beautiful tree changing for Fall 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not Well Wednesday

I knew it. I just knew I was going to get something soon. I did and I have a cold with fever. It started yesterday. Wonderful and I am supposed to get a flu shot on Friday. That is two days away. There is no way they will give me one. My immunity is already low due to some health conditions. I had some chicken noodle soup last night. I was craving salad so I had two last night. I also was craving oranges and bananas so I had one each. I drank a gallon of fluids yesterday. It was crazy my body was going nuts for fluid.

It is a very quiet morning as the sun is rising I look out my studio window and hear no birds no noise. Nice and calm! This must be tranquility. Looks like a good morning to do some photography!

The following is copied fom the Weather Channel website to show you where new England is today in terms of leaf color changes.

Fall Foliage

Monadnock Region
Near Peak (50-75% change)
As much as half the vegetation has changed color. In the earlier changing trees, the colors are bright. Late-changing trees remain primarily green.
No Change 0-10%
Patchy 10-50%
Near Peak 50-75%
Peak 75-100%
Past Peak
This is how it looks around Manchester, NH in southern NH! We are part way there! There is still alot of green.

I took this picture of a smaller tree planted by the city on the sidewalk accross the street from me.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Twisted Tuesday

I usually get out and walk every Monday. I had my eyes dilated by my eye doctor yesterday morning and I so I just rested in the dark most of the rest of day. Yesterday was a holiday Columbus Day with a lot of places including the Post Office being closed. I will be doing my errands today instead. But here is the twist I only have to stop by a street box nearby to drop my mail and then enjoy my walk from there. No long trek to downtown! Yay it is going to be nice today after a 3 day jaunt of 80 degree temperatures in October, record breaking temps they were, we will be settling back down to the seasonably cooler weather we love in New England. Do you ever get a song stuck in your head. I have "Oh Happy Day" stuck in my mind. I heard it sung in person acapella this past Saturday and now it keeps cheering me up. Popping into my mind!!!!! Amazing what an influence music has on our lives. I am listening to a Gary Allan CD "Smoke Rings in the Dark". What kinds of music do you like?'l_Folks  Guess who these folks are???????

Photograph that I took of sneaker on the inside of a Mead folder I bought recently.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I just spent the last couple of hours outdoors in the direct sun. OH Happy Day (Do you like that song? I do) it is warm and sunny and so nice today. One can hardly believe it is October. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer. Is this Mother Nature's last hurrah?

Today is my oldest son's birthday! He is 34 today! It honestly seems like yesterday and so much time has gone by  ~  years. I am so happy I had him and his brother when I was young. I am still young barely over 50 myself.

So my plans for this afternoon include some picture taking on a walk. I will come back and share some pictures of Fall 2011 in southern NH I just have to get out and enjoy this weather! We are truly blessed 70's not a cloud in the sky you know what I am talking about! I hope you are enjoying your weather this Saturday October 8, 2011. What are your plans? Are you having unseasonably warm weather today?

I had many cat cards once and this was one of them that I really liked so I took a photograph of it!
Do you like cats?

Artist Unknown

Friday, October 7, 2011

Finances Friday

Photo I took of a new find of mine a  Hello Kitty change purse.

Do you want to learn some easy ways to save money then check this out!

Photo I took of my new Mead folder I can color in! Looks like my art but it isn't!

This person makes money when they pay their bills we all could.

Do you use coupons to save money on products you would buy?

I have just started using coupons again after many years of not. I have a small photo album full. Then what I do is I only buy what I have a coupon for especially if it is on sale plus the usual meat, dairy, fruit and veggies. I look through the grocery store flyer which is mailed to me and plan my trip. I even have a layout of the my store which they have printed up and made available to their customers. That helps to make things flow easy once you get there. I purchase my paper towels,toilet paper, and cleaning products at Walmart. Although I did notice that this new grocery store I am going to now has some better prices than Walmart on paper and cleaning products. Doesn't Walmart match their competition? So then that is two stores and more gas consumption. The price of gas is still very high here in southern NH $3.50 a gallon I believe give or take a little. I can't afford a car so I don't pay attention to that so much.

A car is not needed when you can walk everywhere in the city or use taxi service or bus. I went downtown again today. It was much nicer today. Warmer but still a chill and no wind yay. I finally found some postcards at a hotel gift shop. I found some beautiful Fall and waterfall ones from NH plus a couple aerials of my city where I live in NH. No more Moose postcards that was all I had.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Twice on Thursday

Time to close windows it is that cold today. I have been cold twice today once this morning on my walk downtown and once a few minutes ago until I closed the main window here and locked it too. I can always open it for a nice day if we get one. It is October and the trees are just barely starting to change yet here in the city of Manchester, NH. This area is southern NH. I love this though when you look out from my city where I live you see a mountain called Uncanoonuc Mountain  One Fall I was on my way up there with a friend of mine but we had car trouble and had to turn around. There is a big flower farm up there I have been told. So one day I hope to see it. all about

 Uncanoonuc Mountain  such a different name. Click on the link to learn all about it but don't forget to come back and read my blog or save it so you can find me again!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Peaceful Tuesday

"Peace comes from an absence of fear, from a consciousness of trust, from a deep, underlying faith in the absolute goodness and mercy, the final integrity of the Universe in which we live, and of every cause to which we give our thought, our time and our attention. If we could have peace outwardly, we must first realize peace inwardly." ~ Ernest Holmes

It is raining again today so peaceful and quiet the rain gently falling outside my window is music to my ears. Rain making its' own melody and song to which words can be added. We have had so much rain everyday and for many days lately. Tomorrow the rain is finally supposed to be gone so a song comes to mind Rain rain go away little Glenna wants to play. Actually I need to go downtown via walking and rainy days make me so stiff and sore that I usually just stay in. I am going to be on the search for postcards to buy on my trip tomorrow.

What a great idea:

Here are a couple of watercolor and ink ACEOS titled Peace and Faith created by G Normyle (me)

The rest of this ACEO series includes the words Hope Love and Wish ENJOY!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Non Sunny Sunday

Now is is Fall we are in the month of October. It is grey today, another day of rain and cool temperatures. The coolest it has been so far this Fall. I haven't checked yet but I am sure the trees are turning more this weekend. Yesterday was a super day at the grocery store I saved $10.00 in coupons. It was week #2 for a grand opening which is being extended into another week number 3 next weekend. I may not be able to go because my friend's car is acting up and may be in the shop next weekend. Such is life! That is ok I have plenty of food and items stocked up to miss a week of shopping.

This week for me should be a busy with sending out postcards, October blessings if any are asked for, two October birthdays 8 and 9 so far, an anniversary with my friend, the Christian Friends Holiday Train swap has arrived at my place and is ready to make its' way to KY, I another have a swap or two I am doing, one Listia auction winner mailing another is codes my email and then I have to ready a couple of pieces of general mail. After all that is ready I will be walking 2 miles round trip to the PO one day this week. Oh joy that is torture lately with my arthritis all flared up. I can't stop walking I want to maintain that ability. I want to be that strong woman I am! Self affirmation goes a long way. Tell yourself you are strong and you conquer many things!

Fabric Aceo made by G Normyle (me) and sold some time ago!

I love owls love to draw them and collect them in all forms.

Do you like owls?