Friday, August 28, 2009


This is a vintage Fall necklace I own. Three acorns adorn it. I finished all of the Fall products I want to list for now. I just need some sunshine today to photograph them. Check it out at Glenna's Garden shop So today I hear from , she is on my New Hampshire Team at ETSY, about this contest at for the most beautiful bracelet you have to go there to the blogspot enter the contest it's easy and fun, fun, fun go check it out everyone.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


In the middle of the summer don't you just wish for a break from the heat. This morning it is cool and 66. That is what we are now having up here at Glenna's Garden in Manchester, NH and then 20 degrees hotter by afternoon and thunderstorms. Is it Fall? Can't be I was hoping for an Indian Summer...endless summer say just 70's! I decided that today I would finish all Fall projects, including the canvas and then start posting them to my shop at I recently redid the shop product lineup so I am now ready to post more art and Fall projects. This takes preplanning. I also have to watermark some more of my art and photographs prior to posting. They get sent to my designer through email and she watermarks them for me and sends them back to me via email. I am going to have to order supplies for Christmas next month. I have some to get a start I posted a PIF known as a Pay It Forward fabric bookmark in hearts and holly leaves in my shop at

Sunday, August 16, 2009


HOT 93 degrees up here in Manchester, NH at Glenna's Garden today. I have great news today. I was accepted into Red Creations Art Gallery

This of course is very exciting news to an artist and I look forward to showing my work there. This is a photograph I shot of handmade rock sculptures on Peaks Island, ME, These rock sculptures have been set by many different hands. The rocks first of all come in the most wonderful shapes. They easily lend themselves to rock sculptures of all kinds. I have sat here at this very place at the edge of the island on the Atlantic Ocean side and created my own rock sculptures adding to what was already there, just like many before and after me have done.

Friday, August 14, 2009

TGIF It's Feeling Fresh

With summer winding down and Fall emerging soon this is the time of the year at Glenna's Garden when the birds start to get hungry. They eat many seeds especially sunflower seeds right off of the flower head, well the ones that the squirrels don't steal first. I too have started to create in Fall colors and themes. Birds are my favorite theme so you will soon start see them regurlarly for sale in my gallery shop at Owls being my favorite set the stage. I have set my featured items at Glenna's Garden to be in a Fall decor. Stop by my showcase art gallery at there you can see my Fall canvas in progress, art for sale and some that is not or sold......oh and my photography too.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Marvelous Monday

This week at Glenna's Garden I will be concentrating on Fall 2009. It is time for Fall products to be listed. I decided to make a few things for Fall early and I am glad I did. I am already working on Christmas too. Then I jump ahead and say for Spring 2010 I need to have materials by Fall 2009 and products will be made during Winter 2009. Meanwhile my art is a constant and it comes to me in bits and pieces. I don't always feel creative everyday but it flows nicely. My art isn't selling but I am not concerned. I like it and I know that not all of it will sell. It is important to really enjoy what you are creating first. I love to work with my pressed flowers. To me they are my paint, my colors. I brush them onto whatever surface I am applying them to. No fingers allowed. They are incredibly delicate and have to be brushed on gently. I am still working on the canvas project I blogged about recently and showed the picture of the beginnings of it on here already. When I work with fabrics like silk I don't just press the fabric on to the surface I am applying it to with my fingers. I brush it on very carefully it stretches and shrinks and has to be brushed on carefully. Slow and very tedious work, that I simply love to do. Check out my art at this is my showcase art gallery and I love this connection. The other artists who share this space with me are some of the most wonderful people from all over the world. My internet shop for the art gallery is at Glenna's Garden. My fellow Etsians are also from all over the world and a truly great group of people that I am so glad I found in March of 2009. Then there is my photography. I recently started adding that into the mix. I am in the process of having it watermarked professionally by an Etsian.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Super Saturday

I love it when I get a sale in my shop on a Friday night. It makes my weekend. Well I got another one last night. I sold my turtle beads on a ring with beautiful ribbon. It is such a cute decoration. I was really hoping to make more beaded items. I have filled my shop with my art, photography and experimented with many different paper products and small gifts each one unique. I even have some vintage. I am on the hunt to find out what is popular and what isn't. I still haven't figured it out! Any suggestions I would really appreciate feedback. Glenna's Garden Shop:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Today is a sultry day already at 8AM humid and thick air up here in NH. I was going to work on my recent project in the works with pressed flowers but it is already too warm. It will dry too fast for me to work on it. So I will get some more things done here at Glenna's Garden or maybe add some more of my pieces to my gallery at

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Super Saturday August 1, 2009

Time slips by I get busy. I don't forget to post here. I just don't know where all of my time goes...actually I do it goes to my Gallery shop at and my showcase art gallery at then there is much time in between when I am designing and creating. I go through spurts where I am not so creative. What I do is I keep a notebook of ideas that pop in my mind so when I need some inspiration I can reflect back on previous thoughts and ideas. Right now I am working on a canvas with my pressed flowers, leaves and greenery. It is a really nice outdoor scene complete with water. I don't often use dyed flowers as I prefer natural but in order to achieve the color of blue that I needed I had to use some daisy petals dyed blue. It looks so natural though! It should be completed soon but today I will give you a sneak peak. I am sorry I have to cover up some of it with a piece of paper stating my copyright. I work hard on these art projects. They take many hours of layout, color decisions and then gluing them down is similar to painting. I use a fine brush, glue mixture and the dried flower and I literally paint it onto the surface I am working on.