Monday, July 20, 2009

Mostly on Mondays

Mondays are about getting things in order at Glenna's Garden after being away for awhile, I have a lot to do. I wasn't feeling well and I am doing better now. I have a couple of new things to post but lately I haven't been too creative. We are having Christmas in July at Etsy and I am participating check out for deals and markdowns on everything. A few items haven't sold and I don't think I am going to relist them. My latest project turned out nice and it was done in colaboration with another Etsy artist she did a watercolor painting of ivy on this card and I added my pressed flowers and greenery to it. It isn't up for sale yet. I am working on a woodland opening picture on canvas all made out of pressed flowers, leaves and greenery. It is going to take me a long time to complete, maybe another month or so. So far I haven't sold any art so I have slowed down and am now concentrating on some bigger projects. I have far exceeded my sales on Etsy with expenses for various projects plus overhead. It keeps me occupied and I am driven to succeed. I will overcome my disability of having RSD. My goal is to become self sufficient.

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