Saturday, August 1, 2009

Super Saturday August 1, 2009

Time slips by I get busy. I don't forget to post here. I just don't know where all of my time goes...actually I do it goes to my Gallery shop at and my showcase art gallery at then there is much time in between when I am designing and creating. I go through spurts where I am not so creative. What I do is I keep a notebook of ideas that pop in my mind so when I need some inspiration I can reflect back on previous thoughts and ideas. Right now I am working on a canvas with my pressed flowers, leaves and greenery. It is a really nice outdoor scene complete with water. I don't often use dyed flowers as I prefer natural but in order to achieve the color of blue that I needed I had to use some daisy petals dyed blue. It looks so natural though! It should be completed soon but today I will give you a sneak peak. I am sorry I have to cover up some of it with a piece of paper stating my copyright. I work hard on these art projects. They take many hours of layout, color decisions and then gluing them down is similar to painting. I use a fine brush, glue mixture and the dried flower and I literally paint it onto the surface I am working on.

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