Monday, October 25, 2010

My Mondays

My Mondays are usually busy days for me. Today should be no exception then. Actually minus a trip to the PO is nice depending on how you look at it. Since I am on leave I don't miss those trips. I have a plan for my new studio space and that is to be super organized. I was and I wasn't before. I am still looking for that new pace. I see that it is going to take time. I even have an agent and I was so excited to get an email from her full of rentals but then I was so disappointed that the places were all super expensive yikes so I have been pursuing my own leads. God always has a hand in this too. For a little bit more money I want more space and to be away from the inner city yet still live in this wonderful city of Manchester, NH. I have found 3 places all close to one of the nicest parks around here. This is a park I have only seen in passing, driving by it. I would love to explore it and photograph it. My city Manchester is among one of the best for parks and preserved areas. I am excited at the prospect of perhaps living close by just this very particular park. Now I have 3 options!

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