Saturday, April 30, 2011

Special Saturdays

These are the kind of days that I like. Nothing to really do. No pressure no time lines or deadlines. Today was one of those for me. I didn't even really have to go grocery shopping either. Just stay at home and get a whole lot done at home but it was all fun easy stuff. Washing dishes vs. making something handmade and then trying to sell it. It is nice and warm out. The window in my studio has been open all day......there is city sound....traffic, people, children, music, birds, dogs barking and so much more......I received a Mother's Day card early along with cherry smelling soap in the shape of a rose so that all you have to do to use the soap is pull a petal off.....really lovely. I can't wait to make my cards for my two partners and of course I always have a neat thing to tuck in the card. That would be a bookmark. Today I didn't have to make a bookmark because I have many to share. I have these prints too and there are many of these to share. They would look really nice framed! I kept the Baltimore Oriole bird print because I pretty much grew up in Maryland. Where did you grow up?

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