Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Arrival of Spring

From the looks of dates here I have been very busy. I am late posting an Easter Greeting so I thought well why not add it now. So Happy Easter Greetings to all. I hope things went well for you and you had a wonderful day on Sunday. Many blessings!

We are arriving at Spring now. Beautiful bright yellow forsythia bushes have burst open and the lilac is leafing once again. All of the daffodils, also tulips and hiacynths, mostly the small plants like snowdrops have popped up out of the ground. Just this past Saturday we got enough snow that it coated everything. It has been coolish and rainy since but the next two days up here in southern NH we are looking for the 60's and that is going to make a lot of Springtime pop here!

I am feeling better healthwise......I had a rough Fall right through Winter. Feeling a lot better now! Thanks for all of the prayers! I am so grateful to have my windows open in my studio and I can hear the birds chirpping! The best sound in the world to me is that! Frogs croaking would be the second best!

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