Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It is early in the morning here at Glenna's Garden in Manchester, NH and pouring rain. Sweet sounding and other computer crashed a few days ago. I finally got this laptop I have to run well. Yesterday I downloaded some pictures to this computer. I say this because I have lost a lot of pictures in the crash of the other computer. SAD about that! Now I am back up and running. I posted a new item in my shop so I will be sharing that as the picture of the day here. FALL is gorgeous here right now. My favorite trees nearby are slowly changing. I have been busy getting supplies to transition from Fall to winter. I am listing items for sale slowly to see what sells. It would be so great if I ever made it to the front page of ETSY, one day I tell myself. Well it looks like I am on track with all of the work I am putting into studying marketing on my own and with my knowledge of business especially small business I have now it definately helps. I now have a rubber stamp for Glenna's Garden. It is all part of certain things you need to have to be successful. Next I will working on a logo. G G with flowers around it and viney would be perfect. I have no experience with creating logos so I will search for that person on ETSY. The picture of the day is a fun ACEO I created depicting russian nesting dolls.

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  1. Lovely picture of the nesting dolls...sorry to hear your computer crashed. I hope you'll get back on track real soon. It's a shame about the photos - I must back up mine pretty soon. Am running out of space and if something were to happen to my computer, they would be lost forever!

    Take care and much luck for your logo search ;-)

    Kind Regards,