Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We have more rain today and it's cool here in Manchester, NH. I am soooo excited there are actually 3 small buds on the pomegranate bush here at Glenna's Garden studio. I will get pics and share them on here when they are bigger because they are teeney tiny right now. I did a major reorganization of my supplies today. I need to get some storage containers. I listed this ACEO I made "Taking It To The Edge" in my shop yesterday. It is from Quilter's Delight, a box set of booklets designed with a quilter in mind. Good day to stop by Glenna's Garden at for many items shipping is included for free.

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  1. What is this? An Aceo mini-quilt? Wow, those pieces must be so tiny...I have trouble working with tiny things. I adore thread crochet, but trying to make it gives me a headache...I'm still waiting for the cold weather and I'm actually having to run the A/C today ... buh, humbug! I'm getting frustrated waiting for the cold!