Sunday, October 25, 2009


We had so much rain up here in Manchester, NH yesterday something like 3". It strips the trees of their beautiful leaves. It poured all day long. Good day for shopping. This morning it is bright and sunny but I am sure it is cold too. My pomegranate plant appears to have two itsy bitsy blooms popping out again where the others have all been. This should be pretty I hope they take so I can get some pics to share. I am looking forward to making different items for Thanksgiving and Christmas in the next couple of weeks. I have picked up some great stuff to work with including watercolors. Currently I am running a free offer for a PIF (pay it forward)surprise. Limit one per household. Check it out at Glenna's Garden shop.

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  1. Glad to hear it, Glenna, and nice to "see" you again - I missed hearing from you. That is a very pretty image on that quilt square and such good advice!

    Enjoy your sparkly fresh day. I love it after the rain too.

    Have a wonderful weekend!