Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Day After Blizzard Number Two

We awoke to my son's car having been towed last night. My son was forced to park in the street last night by our neighbors. We have one parking spot and it was clear first thing yesterday morning. I know this to be true because I helped my son clear it in the early morning frigid temps we were the first ones with a clear spot. My son arrived home late last night after working a 12 hour shift as a manager plus he attended the Boston Celtics game until rather late last night. When he arrived home he found a huge (very large) mound of snow dumped by neighbor (s) into his spot he parks in, we have numbered spots, each of the 8 places here gets one only spot. The reason I am writing about this is because I am angry that such ignorance and inconsideration exists. I already asked the neighbor to the other side of our spot about it and they immediately said it was our other neighbors. I have no idea what happened because I had Nana duty for the day yesterday. Yes I ventured out into yet another New England Noreaster Blizzard yesterday so that I could care for my grandsons. My older son was called in early to work yesterday so he could help clear snow at the car lot he works for. All in all we got a lot of snow over a foot closer to a foot and a half and perhaps more. We love snow (not really) I wouldn't live here if it were not for but my grandsons as well as my only children two adult sons all live here insouthern NH. Plus I see that I am getting the best of medical care as well. I will have to attend to the snow pile some and when my son is finished working another 12 hour shift today he will work on the rest of it. It is still very windy today yesterday it was extremely windy with lots of blowing snow creating amazing drifts. I saw whiteout conditions and filmed it. It is now noon and I am hoping for things to calm down, warm up, the sun is out today. The roads are cleared and wet heavy doses of salt took care of the roads that last night...the reason for my son's car being towed was so they could treat the roads overnight and his car was in the way. They melt the snow and ice down to nothing but just wet black asphalt. We have winter parking bans for the city streets in snow emergencies. The reason we moved here to this building is because we had one off street parking spot. Should I say something to the other neighbors or hope and pray that everything gets plowed like management has always done before for years. We are responsible for clearing our own parking spots. However for 5 years now the plow guys for this property have cleared the snow from our spots. They did in the last blizzard. I feel like talking to the other neighbors to see what they say. What would you do if you were in my shoes or should I say boots? I just looked outside and one of my neighbors that I already talked to is out there shoveling my son's spot. This restores my faith in humanity!

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  1. I think it's sad when people are spiteful during such a difficult time already when the weather is harsh. You'd think that would evoke kindness towards one another... can you put a "No Dumping Snow" sign in your spot? Yes, those people need to be confronted and told about the towing of his car because his spot was occupied by a pile of snow. Is there a manager or Home Owner's Association you can talk to?