Friday, February 4, 2011


Charlie Sleeping

It is two degrees outside here in southern New Hampshire. That is cold. My heat is cranked and it still feels cold inside. My feet are cold time to cover up. It is 3:30 AM. I am usually up at 4 AM at the latest. Bedtime for me is early in the evening every day. The best habit to have is good sleep. How is your sleep?


  1. That is cold! Charlie looks like he has the right idea and seems very comfy. I do not get enough sleep, bed by 10 and up by 4 at the latest. Not by choice but from built in time clock that I can't seem to change.

  2. That is cold, Glenna, hope you're ok!

    Just stopped by to wish you a belated happy Valentine's Day - hope it was a good one :)