Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The weather outside is a chilly 25 degrees today in Manchester, NH. Warm inside Glenna's Garden studio. The poinsettia plant here has been earnestly working to change to red up through the stems and out through a few leaves the red pigment has started to flow. I thought I would share a picture of that today. It is actually very interesting how a poinsettia plant gets its' red because the rest of the year the leaves are a deep evergreen. The answer is to give the plant the right amount of darkness. Darkness falls on the plant in the room where it is and it always gets longer in the winter. Thus we have evergreen leaves that turn to red right around Christmas time. The poinsettia plant will bloom and that is when you get the yellow at the end. When that occurs with our lovely large poinsettia plant here at Glenna's Garden studio I will share it with you. Don't forget to stop on by our shop in Manchester, NH at HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Thank you kindly for dropping by. It all began in a garden!

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