Saturday, March 20, 2010


It is finally warming up here in Manchester, NH. Yesterday I was able to get a lot of my photography done for my shop. Now I have to list everything. Love it between my arts and crafts and running an online shop at ETSY I stay very busy. The indoor garden here in the studio is thriving. All of the plants have new growth on them which is a great sign. The poinsettia is in full bloom. Twice now it has missed Christmas. That's ok it is still beautiful. The windows are open and I hear the birds again. Spring is just around the corner. I have a new plan for 2010. I want to use my art and photography as prints on cards. Nice box sets. I also feel a pull towards expanding some more into offering more supplies. I want to sew but I can't figure out the sewing machine I have. I have tons of fabric ready to go. I don't want to go overboard but I would love to expand on the vintage items I have listed in my shop as well. If you are reading this the link to Glenna's Garden shop is These are just some rambling thoughts this morning. Being that it is only me to do everything I find myself having to play many roles. The duckling picture is a collage done by me. The picture itself came from a vintage children's book. Really pretty illustration. Something I love to do is preserve the past.

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  1. I love ducklings and baby chicks - in fact all baby animals are as cute as pie, even little gators ;-)

    Spring's in full bloom here and soon it'll be premature summer climate again and I won't be able to get out till fall :-(

    Have a wonderful weekend, Glenna.