Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another great challenge I made to myself make something you have never made before. I looked at the following tutorial for help I am getting hooked to it, making fabric yo yos. What a wonderfully easy project with cute results every time. I started with the yellow fruit fabric first and made yo yos yesterday. Last night I cut out the lady bugs and tiny green leaf print circles for the next set of yo yos. Too cute!! So this morning I am hand stitching the ladybug yo yos. I thought I would share some pictures here. I am willing to sell these if anybody wants them just let me know. I will be making a few more sets I am sure and selling them in my shop for much more. As always you get a sneak peek at behind the scenes in my studio. Please visit Glenna's Garden for many more great gifts, supplies and vintage items plus my art. Highlight and paste in your browser Thanks for stopping by!

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