Monday, March 22, 2010


Over this past weekend I was challenged to create something I had never made before. All day long I couldn't come up with any ideas. I have been creating for so long that my choices seemed to be slim. Of course they really are not. There are many things I have not created ever before. So I was looking through the ETSY site at other for supplies when I came accross some felt bunny peeps someone had made. I thought to myself I can make those. I even have all of the materials I need right here in my studio. So I got started later in the evening last night to making some bunny peeps. I first had to make a pattern of a bunny shape on paper, a couple of trys and I made one I liked. Next I had to gather all of my supplies. I had leftover black felt, I have tons of embroidery thread in all different colors, so I picked out the pastels and a silver grey. I cut my first bunny two pieces cut one at a time and did him in blue. You take one piece of felt and from the back of it you embroider the eyes and nose/mouth, simple could be as fancy as you want though. Then you handstitch with a contrasting embroidery thread color almost all the way around stitching the two felt bunny pieces together. You leave a small opening, big enough to stuff the little bunnies with polyfill. I used I pencil to gently push the polyfill up into the ears of each bunny. I continued stuffing enough but not overfill and then when I got to the end and the bunny was full I was left with a small opening. Again I hand stiched in contrasting embroidery thread the hole closed, on the outside. The next one I made was pink and the last was purple. Then as I was looking at my hardwork and admiring my little peep bunnies. I thought to myself these little bunnies need something else. So I looked through my huge assortment of ribbons, fibers and such. I found three perfect ribbons to use. I tied on the blue fiber ribbon and then I used a teeny,tiny amount of hot glue to attach the other ribbons(pink and purple)together in the back.


  1. Aw, they came out so cute, Glenna. We must be on the same wave length because I'm thinking of crocheting a chocolate bunny. I found the pattern on one of the yarn websites and thought it was kind of cute in a non-fattening way ;-)

    Have a great day!
    Doris :-)

  2. Thanks Doris! I love chocolate.