Thursday, April 8, 2010


This week I have been busy making pinwheels, tags, more bookmarks to sell in the shop, some of these items may make it into Glenna's Garden at The tags have cats on them, very cute and I used handmade paper for them. I also purchased some beautiful flower images and had one hard time printing them so rather than throw away all of the mistakes I created tags and bookmarks with them. I hate to throw things away. I was trying to print out 4 ACEO backgrounds which I eventually did figure out. I managed to get some photography done. I have a fantastic designer in Auckland. We met on ETSY. We were able to get 20 of my photos watermarked. I will share two pictures here today as well as they will be for sale at Glenna's Garden.

   Spring is just starting here in New Hampshire. Today it is very cool and rainy again.

Early Small Grape Hyacinth

The pictures of this weeks creations such as tags etc...I just wrote about are not downloaded into the computer yet! The pinwheels are turning out really cute. I will share them with you later maybe today will be another double blog posting day or you will just have to wait until tomorrow. You can always visit Glenna's garden 24/7 at www, for unique gifts from art to vintage.

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