Thursday, April 15, 2010


I surf the Internet for useful information. Once in a while I like to share links to other sites that I think might interest my readers. So I will be doing that today here. I love this site for the graphics and they offer free samples. I find my inspiration for my creativity sometimes looking at art and graphics.

Check out
I am in no way affliated with them or paid by them to blog about them. Just a weekly email I look forward to on Wednesdays!

Manchester, NH cool 39 and warms up to 50 or so. Windy today good day to fly a kite!

Original ACEO "The Ones That Got Away"
Created by Glenna Normyle

I spent part of yesterday filming Mother Nature at her finest. So that means that I will soon have more Spring pictures to show you.

Hens and Chicks are coming up everywhere!
 Easy to grow and they propagate like crazy in your gardens.

Cat Tags listed 4/14 SOLD right away!
There is one more set available with different pictures of cats.
These are limited editions.

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  1. I love those hens and chicks - they make good ground cover, don't they? Those cat tags are adorable!

    It's been kind of windy here too for the past few days - very unusual, but oh, so welcomed - feels wonderful and me and Gizzy ahve been enjoying the breeze.

    Have a great day, Glenna!
    Doris :-)