Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Not only is it really dark grey and raining today here at Glenna's Garden, but it was snowing this morning. It is now 3 PM in the afternoon and it is still a cool 40 degrees. That didn't stop me from taking some nice pictures of outdoors around Glenna's Garden. HMMMMMM looks like the rain gauge is filling up. The lilac to the right is about to pop. We should be in the 70's this weekend so I am sure it will be looking and smelling really nice by then.

I am saving this container from going into the land. It is 8 1/2' tall and 5" round. I thought it would be interesting to take some before pictures and then after pictures when I have upcycled it. These are the really fun projects that I really enjoy doing.


The top pops off easily like a paint can lid.

I made these cute, chunky starfish. This is one of the Spring/Summer decorations at Glenna's Garden that may go up for sale in my shop at

Rain Gauge nearby lilac tree, it is huge and very tall.
Just outside from the studio at Glenna's Garden.

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