Friday, April 30, 2010


Well I did it. I planted the basil seeds that came with a box of Triscuits purchased recently. I have taken some pictures of the process of soaking the square cardboard in water for 4 hours today. Then you peel the cardboard apart which reveals the seeds. Glenna's Garden studio always has a pot and the best potting soil to put in it. So then you can dig around and plant your seeds fairly shallow. There was a white gluey substance around the seeds after soaking them. It made them sticky. Easy to pick up one at a time. It was fun! Now we wait and see. Of course up here in Manchester, NH it really isn't a good idea to plant much outdoors yet. So this is an indoor project. I love fresh basil.....don't you?

First you soak! I soaked for the full 4 hours.

Then you peel apart the cardboard and plant the seeds!

You can even use the cardboard empty Triscuit box. Use it as protectors for shipping flat items like I do from Glenna's Garden sometimes! Just cut it up any size you may need. If you recycle don't forget to recycle cardboard. Many new Spring items are listed already and more to come in the next day or two so be sure to check out Glenna's Garden at


  1. Hope your basil seeds will provide you with lots of fresh, sweet basil. I love fresh herbs. I planted some seeds as well and have been rewarded with tiny sprouts in less than a week. I'm excited. Watching new growth in the garden - even if just a container garden like mine - is cause for happiness and anticipation of something good to eat or pretty blossoms to enjoy.
    Have a wonderful Sunday :-)

  2. Oh Doris thank you yes I love to grow in containers indoors. I have two huge perfect windows in my studio for growing. The angle that they face is what really helps. Everything is lush and thriving. Even my dear old huge poinsettia thinks it is Christmas. She is blooming right now in May.