Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Yay it is first day of December today! 24 more until Christmas. I am gathring up my names and addresses for an all out Christmas card blitz. I have so many new people to send to this year. Reflecting back on 2010......I have met so many wonderful people between ETSY and Swap Bot. Etsy is changing you can now set up a Circle of Friends from your profile page on ETSY. ETSY Teams is easier. I like the look of our shops now. I am close to 1000 friends on Facebook and I have been way more active on Twitter lately. I would love to have more followers and people commenting on Glenna's Garden blog ~ love those of you who do. I am excited about all of these changes and my groth as you can see. How about you? What new things did you do or learn in 2010?


  1. That's what I need to do - that and a couple more items to crochet for my package to Germany that's going out on Friday! busy- busy- busy :-)

  2. Hey Glenna ;o) I didn't even know about the circle of friends on Etsy, thanks for letting us know ;o)