Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Things Can and Do Get Worse

2 weeks before Christmas and my debit card was just swallowed by my bank's ATM machine. I ordered a new one. My bank info has changed and I don't know my card info so all shopping on line has ceased until I get my new debit card. Sure I can go to my bank and withdraw money but that doesn't help with the internet. UGHHHHHH! I am grateful for today I am alive and this is real life. I am sure I am not the only that this has happened to.....a really good test in patience. I am told by friends that I am the Queen of Patience. Today is a beautiful day. It is bright and sunny. Day 4 now that they are outside of my space here making noise and repairs I am grateful to hear all the beeps bangs and bumps. The norm is a great amount of silence which I am used to now after 4 plus years. It is so peaceful here in my studio. I am grateful for the use of this computer today so I can share my woe with you. Take no pity please as there are others far off worse than me. Pray for peace! Good things are to come such as seeing my grandsons soon. That makes me melt. My grandbabies I love them. A first Christmas for the little one not quite 6 months old and it will be a third Christmas for the older grandson. He is at the fun age because he knows so much more. He wants M and M's from Santa....he is going to get some from his Nana (me) too. Tomorrow they are calling for snow flurries and colder temps. We just had tons of rain and high winds over the weekend a storm that swept up the East coast. Enjoy your day. I am...not! I will try to!!!!! Yes the mail run just made me happy. Nice cards from family and friends to remind me to be grateful for all of them. Happy holidays everybody! A New Year is fast approaching! Oh the picture is my high school graduation picture in August 1976 and I was 17 years old then. I graduated a year early so I didn't graduate the following year with my whole class instead I went on to college.


  1. Happy holidays Glenna! And, a very Happy New Year! I love the picture! Thanks for sharing! I am sorry about your debit card!! Keep on Smiling!

  2. You can buy a prepaid credit card so that you can do online shopping. A lot of people do that for safety reasons; in fact, I might do that so I don't have to plug in my debit/credit card with my whole account access info. Prepaid debit cards are available just about anywhere you can by the prepaid phones and phone cards.

    Happy holidays, Glenn, and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Stay warm!