Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Day Before the Eve

It has snowed and it is here to stay we will be having a white Christmas in southern NH. We are expecting more snow too. Yes it is very cold outside but nice and warm indoors. I am so excited I will be spending Christmas morning with my grandsons ages 6 months and almost 3. I saw them two days ago as well so for today I am so very grateful that I live near them. Today I am taking a walk to downtown. There is a fantastic sports card etc shop I need to go to and a nice restaurant nearby so I will be venturing out to brave the cold, all bundled up and I will be wearing my winter snow boots. I haven't seen them since January. Where are my gloves? I can't seem to find them. Seems like every year I always need to buy new gloves. They are like the socks that disappear. Ever wonder where your socks go?


  1. Merry Christmas Glenna!! Your socks are with your gloves!! LOL! Take Care ;o)

  2. Hi!! from sunny warm Texas!! Warmest C-mas I remember in a awhile. made it out to dinner w/ DH & friend. Heart problems put me in recliner for 3 days last week. NO baking this year.