Monday, August 10, 2009

Marvelous Monday

This week at Glenna's Garden I will be concentrating on Fall 2009. It is time for Fall products to be listed. I decided to make a few things for Fall early and I am glad I did. I am already working on Christmas too. Then I jump ahead and say for Spring 2010 I need to have materials by Fall 2009 and products will be made during Winter 2009. Meanwhile my art is a constant and it comes to me in bits and pieces. I don't always feel creative everyday but it flows nicely. My art isn't selling but I am not concerned. I like it and I know that not all of it will sell. It is important to really enjoy what you are creating first. I love to work with my pressed flowers. To me they are my paint, my colors. I brush them onto whatever surface I am applying them to. No fingers allowed. They are incredibly delicate and have to be brushed on gently. I am still working on the canvas project I blogged about recently and showed the picture of the beginnings of it on here already. When I work with fabrics like silk I don't just press the fabric on to the surface I am applying it to with my fingers. I brush it on very carefully it stretches and shrinks and has to be brushed on carefully. Slow and very tedious work, that I simply love to do. Check out my art at this is my showcase art gallery and I love this connection. The other artists who share this space with me are some of the most wonderful people from all over the world. My internet shop for the art gallery is at Glenna's Garden. My fellow Etsians are also from all over the world and a truly great group of people that I am so glad I found in March of 2009. Then there is my photography. I recently started adding that into the mix. I am in the process of having it watermarked professionally by an Etsian.


  1. Glenna, Your work is all so beautiful!!!! Keep going with it! Good Luck on your Sales!

  2. Glenna, that's the nice thing about doing something I love because I feel that even if I don't sell anything, I still didn't waste my time.

    Wishing you much success and enjoyment!