Friday, July 23, 2010

Feature Friday LindaButterfly and LindaCaterpillar

Feature Friday: Meet Linda she is a very talented artist and a good person to be friends with. I love her enthusiasm and genuine kindness.

Adopted from Linda's interview with CafeHandmade
Linda says:
"I have Depression. Depression is not widely understood but it can have psychologically positive meanings for an individual. In the journey of this illness, leaving my safe cocoon was not easy. Butterflies have to struggle to leave their cocoon. I struggled, I became a butterfly. First writing, then art, helped that struggle to be meaningful. I have discovered the freedom of artistic expression."

"I love painting with acrylics, taking photographs, painting with watercolors, drawing with pencil & pastels and creating greetings cards based on my art. I have multiple interests including walking in the countryside, working out at the gym, reading, photography, History and travel. I loved motherhood; some of the best times of my life. My son Peter is a published author and I love him to pieces."

How did you get started creating your artwork?

Creating art helped to express my personal struggles and my delight with the world. I am independent. When I was 4, a teacher wanted to look at some work I was coloring. I knew she wanted to interfere so I sat on my drawing and refused to let her see it. Once she had gone, I continued. My art is my art, whether or not someone else engages with it.

Where does your inspiration come from?

The fact that I exist and, despite Depression, feel much joy, means I store multiple situations and experiences in my mind. I was diagnosed many years ago with an eye condition which meant I was going to loose my sight. Strangely, instead of feeling downcast, I realised I would be able to feel texture once I lost my sight. I would still have pleasure in the world. So, while I could still see, I revelled in color. Both texture and color became brilliantly important for me. I was overjoyed when further tests last year showed the condition had been wrongly diagnosed; I am not going to loose my sight. But my joy in color and texture has not waned.

I live life, and ideas come to me. I dream, and ideas emerge from my dreams to become paintings. I am inspired by something; maybe a week long visit to a country, or an hour long TV program. The whole life I lead feeds into expressing myself as an artist.

Who is your favorite artist?

I don’t have a favorite. I enjoy most art from most artists; I have an eclectic taste. Cubism has important things to say, as do the Scottish colorists and the pre-Raphaelites.

What is your favorite song and by whom?

Again, I don’t have favorites. There are so many situations and circumstances in life that one song or piece of music would never cover them all. Bruch’s work won’t do when the Pearl Fishers’ duet is needed. I started learning to play piano a few years ago and have taken several practical piano exams. I have an eclectic taste in music but probably enjoy jazz the most.

Why do you think people should buy handmade?

I would not tell people they should do anything, but would explain they could investigate the handmade market. I would explain that all kinds of artisans display many amazing skills and spend time making fantastic items. So handmade is going to cost more; it is not a cheap alternative to shop bought. I would say, “Open your eyes to the reality of excellent handmade items, support and work with artisans, and find joy in that discovery.”

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    I really enjoyed this post! Linda's work is beautiful! She has overcome alot and puts so much into her art! I'm glad she she was wrongly diagnosed about her eye sight ;o)
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  2. I love the visual of that little girl sitting on her art rather than allowing her teacher to interfere...that's very cheeky-no pun intended!

    Great interview of beautiful art and artist!

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    I would say people should buy handmade because handmade work is unique. Each piece is made with unique affections, it is like the babies of an artisan, most of the times there are a few pieces of a same idea or only one. I love to handmade things and I think that is important to help artisans to grow and spread their names and work. It also helps to do not let die traditional roots.

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