Sunday, July 11, 2010


Garden Tangle ACEO available soon at Glenna's Garden

I was up early this morning. I finally got all caught up with Glenna's Garden Well it looks like I will be featuring two international shops back to back on Feature Friday here on my blog the next two Fridays. I finally have it all together and I am feeling 100% better. Today is a day off for me normally but I will be using the day to stay inside in the cool air and get things done for the start of a new week. If you want to be Featured on a Friday in my blog please just email me You must have an active Etsy shop and that is the only requirement. The rest of the work to put an article together is easy. I will be adding a link here later today for a treasury I will create today. This time the challenge will be a theme. I wish when I put the treasuries together that I could move the items I choose around by simply clicking the picture and repositioning it in another place just like we can do when we rearrange our shops. I am looking forward to Christmas in July on Etsy. I have received some good customer feedback on my jewelry I have listed. I started out wanting to offer jewelry but it is so very competitive on Etsy. I have so many new items to take pictures of Monday and hopefully start listing soon. What are your plans for today? Is anybody taking a vacation? I am waiting for my sister to move back to FL soon and then I will go there to visit her when it is cold here. Yay!

I think we need a cool link here let's see how about edible flowers check this out

Garden Tangle card available soon at Glenna's Garden


  1. Love your garden tangles! Thanks for the link.

  2. Glad you're feeling back to 100%, Glenna. I love your garden tangles images...and thanks for that link for the edible flowers. I used to have a coffee table book with all the various edible flowers and how to make candied flowers...I miss that book, but I enjoyed reading article.
    Have a great day and keep cool! Hope your family and especially the new grandbaby is doing well.

  3. You are welcome ladies....yes the baby is doing great from what I hear he is not a crier, sleeps well, and loves to eat. I love edible flowers and I am happy you two enjoyed the link.