Friday, July 30, 2010


Today is fish Friday. I usually have fish for dinner on Friday nights. Do you have any good fish recipes? I like to bake mine. Even better is to cook it on the grill in foil with lemon and butter. Always turns out perfect for me. It is 79 degress out currently. The temps have dropped a bit. I made a morning run to the post office and it was very nice outside. I am hoping for a nice weekend so I can get out and take some summer flower pictures. Next week is the week before Firstfridayartwalk at Etsy on August 6, 2010 so I have one week to add more to my shop at Glenna's Garden I have plenty to add including a Whitehouse cookbook from the Kennedy years. It is an amazing book complete with color pictures of table settings and the service ware that was used.

Watercolor/ink original not listed for sale yet created by me.


  1. Hey Glenna!
    I really like your watercolor/ink original! Very nice! I love the curves in it!
    My favourite fish is salmon with lemon pepper! Yummy! Grilled or quickly fried in olive oil ;o)
    Take Care, Stacy

  2. Thanks so much! Stacy I grew up on Pacific salmon in OR. I love it and it is really good for you.