Monday, July 26, 2010


I went to Greenfield State Park in NH on Saturday. Relaxed, bbque'd with friends and enjoyed this view as I lounged amongst the tall pine trees. I had three visitors that were too quick for me and my camera. An adorable chipmunk, a curious daddy long spider or two and a very friendly baby grasshopper who jumped around on us too. The floor of the forest was covered with pine needles and roots. At the base of one of the trees nearby was this:

Many new little pine trees starting!

My first shots of the lake and surroundings were these.

Surrounded by pines!

My friends, now ages 52 and 61, grew up nearby the park, in this house. t used to be white with green trim they told me. The new owners' have kept the same name. I love it Sunnyside Cottage! I am always saying Keep on the Sunnyside!

I looked up and I was still surrounded by beautiful very tall magestic pine trees! The breezes blew all day. It was sunny but just perfect in the shade. I feel renewed!

Thanks be to God!


  1. HI there
    I am ElizabethMD from the Blog swap in swap-bot, I like your site. It’s very interesting!! Keep up the good work…

    Best wishes..

  2. Hi I'm here from the same swap on swap-bot.

    Do you know where I can find a picture of a real chipmunk? I'm from Australia and I don't have a clue what one looks like.


  3. Hi Glenna, I'm here from Swap-bot too. I just love that photo of the pine trees looking up. Spectacular. Makes me feel glad to be alive too.

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  5. Hi Glenna - I'm one of your partners in the I'm a Blogger, Follow Me Swap. I'm following you via the google link but I've also got you added as a link on my blog. My swap-bot id is midwestknitgirl.

    Your pictures are beautiful, I so love mother nature. I live in Minnesota and it's amazing how much there is to see here.

    We have some gorgeous rocky and beachy shorelines up north that I tend to be drawn to (this part of Minnesota is referred to as The North Shore). Since Lake Superior is so massive, it's almost like Minnesota has its own ocean. I could sit and enjoy it for hours. In fact, I have.

    Continue to enjoy your world, it's fabulous. :-)


  6. Hi Swap partners! I am so glad that you all enjoyed my blog and this post. Thanks so very much for stopping by and commenting.