Monday, August 23, 2010


Cool 63 rainy and windy. Today was a stay indoors day. It was actually nice to feel the warmth of the studio! Just yesterday it was so hot you needed AC! Too drastic! So I have been busy catching up with mail and working on my orders. Tomorrow morning I brave the cold temps out there and go to the PO. We need long pants and a jacket. Wow I really wasn't ready for this. Too gloomy to take pictures. So I have a backlog of creations and I am not complaining. Better to have a little too much than not enough. Tomorrow I will be working on more jewelry. I am creating Fall pieces now. I just got some topaz beads in today and so I am ready with all of the necessary supplies to create some beautiful earrings. I have a combo of dark purple, amber and green in mind. More like topaz, aubergine and olive green. Classic with silver! Here are some pictures of jewelry currently available for sale at Glenna's Garden. All Handmade in NH!

All glass beads and .925 silver ear wires!

Eye Candy!
Topaz colored shapes!
Crystal blue persuasions!

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Lucious plum drops!