Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Websites to Explore Wednesday

I love to read! I could never afford to purchase all the books I read. I use my public library do you?

Looking for a library...looking for a book....check out this website:

This is a journal I have that is being passed around the world. When you request it you will add to a page in it of whatever you want however please keep it clean. I drew a pencil sketch of a hummingbird and added it to the journal. Now I am ready to pass it on. It will be available to purchase in my shop soon. It is a PIF so it will cost nothing to the buyer and I will pay shipping in the USA only and that is how it is passed along from one person to another. The person to end up with the last page to fill in gets to keep it. They will have to start a new one #39. This is journal #38 so this journal project has been going for a long time.

  • I love to make bookmarks. I have joined a swap group where we make bookmarks for each other. I have created some nice ones and received many nice ones as well. This set of art bookmarks I created have been featured in many Etsy treasuries. They are available to purchase at Glenna's Garden

    Vintage peacock playing card and vintage lace on a lovely linen texture cardstock (bookmark left) and handmade paper with real pressed flowers in it and beautiful multicolor fiber. (bookmark right) 


    1. That is so nice and interesting about the journal Glenna! Beautiful bookmarkers!!!
      Take Care!

    2. Yes Stacy I will be posting it in my shop soon for the next person to pass it along to.