Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tutorials Tuesday

Many How To's for You to Check Out and Use

Please visit: http://linda-considerations.blogspot.com/

How to use StumbleUpon, for Etsy sellers

How to create good photos for your Etsy shop

How to promote your Etsy shop

How to navigate a Ning site

How to use Kaboodle

How to make use of the Etsy Treasury

How to have unique Business cards

How to use Flickr for silent promoting

How to understand and use SEO. 1. Keywords

How to understand and use SEO. 2. H1 Tags (Item titles) and Meta Descriptions

How to understand and use SEO. 3. Shop title

How to find and use Free advertising

How to use macro and close up photos in your listings.

How to encourage customers to stay in your shop.

How to set up Google Analytics for your shop

Vintage pages from children's literature! Will be available soon for purchase at Glenna's Garden http://www.gnormyle.etsy.com/


  1. Thank you so much, Glenna, those are all things I need to brush up on. I went to visit Linda and told her that you sent me ;-) I'm one of her newest followers now. I will definitely read up on her how-tos.

    Thanks again, Glenna, and have a great day :-)

  2. What a great piece of info . Thanks for your hard work, I am bookmarking this to refer to. I am also going to share on my blog on Wed. 18th, 2010. :)

  3. I love Glendas blog.