Monday, June 1, 2009

JUNE FIRST 2009 Most Like Other Mondays

These are two pictures of an ACEO I made using silk fabric recently. This ACEO is for sale at Glenna's Garden in Manchester, NH .Oh boy where do the days go I am catching up on here again. I really don't post enough I feel like I really want to do it more often but my time is devoted to my online shop called Glenna's Garden. I was asked this question by a fellow blogger. How is that my shop is becoming successful and as I was blogging a nice long comment back to her my computer crashed and rebooted itself. All was lost. So here goes because I promised I was a Friend Who Shares. I promote my shop by typing in a link to it everywhere I blog, when I send a comment to another blogger, convo with Etsy sellers (my fellow Etsians and shop owners like me) and especially with my Etsy buyers. I have this blogspot which I use as a journal to keep focused on my shop at , beleive me it all keeps me very busy in addition to the fact that I am always designing and creating projects. I like to post pictures of my art studio and even sometimes some of my work that is done but not up for sale yet at Glenna's Garden on this blogspot, plus it helps to set up a free account at Flickr as far as Facebook, myspace and goodness knows whatever else is out there that I don't know about I honestly am not there yet. I have a Twitter account and I wish I could figure out how it works. I also am going to make an Etsy treasury based on my favorite color purple and the flower iris at which is the host site for my shop Glenna's Garden . I have been saving and favoriting many shops and several items in each of my favorite shops too because if you favorite one item in an Etsy shop you will lose your connection if the item sells so you have to favorite a few items and go back and check on them and buy from Etsians. This is how you connect with people on Etsy ~ other sellers. I have purchased most of my supplies from Etsy sellers and this helps you build up a good feedback score. I promote and devote a lot of my time to this as I do believe that Glenna's Garden at is going to be a success. I have PIF's which are items you list to attract buyers to your shop, the laws of probability tell me that the more people you can attract to your shop will equal more sales. My next step is to get a rubber stamp, develop a logo (costs money that I don't have), business cards are very important which reminds me I have almost gone through 250 in just a couple of months exclusively to my buyers here on the internet. I don't sell to my friends or give out my business card to my friends nor am I able to get to craft shows. I do go to the Etsy forums and listen and take notes. Some of this information I just told you about such as a stamp and logo is what I learned from an Etsy forum held in VA and I watched it in my studio here at Glenna's Garden in Manchester, NH live. They said the rubber stamp and logo are very important to your success so I thought I would share that bit of information with everybody. Next I would say is that my prices are really just about bare bottom right now and that is somewhat due to the economy. I am actually just starting a shop at Etsy during this bad economy and it is tough. I promote Glenna's Garden Studio by tagging it. Tags are important. Just like we have tags here at and at Etsy you also have them at Flickr and I am assuming Facebook, Twitter etc......... I promote my shop in Etsy's chats. I meet people through Alchemy. I donated my first purchase to an Avon Breast Cancer Awareness benefit concert and it is going to be raffled off to raise money for breast cancer awareness. That event is being held June 26, 2009 in Laguna Beach, CA. I will be getting pictures back shortly after to share. Also they are going to be giving out my business card to people at the event. Etsy is by far the best though. I will go check out your Etsy shop for you and give you some feedback if you would like me to....just let me know? I welcome feedback any time. If I can think of anything more well then I will keep posting it here at Glenna's Garden blogspot so check back often and stop on by my shop Glenna's Garden at . ETSY 101 by Glenna from Glenna's Garden

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