Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sweet Saturday

Today was beautiful here in Manchester, NH. My shop was buzzing with buyers and I made another sale today. I sold one of my pieces of art called an ACEO Artist Cards Editions and Originals. I designed it using silk fabric over paper and layered. This is a picture of the ACEO layered in silk before I trimmed it. and the other picture is of the ACEO "SILK" completed. It is beautiful and I know that my customer will enjoy it forever. I am so happy to have found this art form ACEO's must be exactly 2 1/2 " by 3 1/2" and there are no more restrictions. They can be made with clay and wood too or like some of mine which are dimensional , the people I make with pressed flowers for clothing. Most of my ACEO's are for sale at Glenna's Garden . My ACEO's are originals and collectible. They come with a protective plastic sleeve much like you use to protect the sports cards you are collecting. I prefer the hard clear plastic sleeve. Each card I make is signed and dated by me, Glenna Normyle, the artist. I collect ACEO's myself and have some really neat ones. For eample one of my favorites is "cow girls rule" that I picked up awhile ago. That's the country in me. I have been busy making more bookmarks, beaded items , more stuff for my shop and tending to the gardens here at Glenna's Garden. I bought cherries today $2.22 a pound now I know it's summertime. YUMMY! I finally figured out Twitter you can follow me at next I will conquer Facebook. What a sweet Saturday.

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