Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Starting Out As a Typical Tuesday

There are many birds at Glenna's Garden for inspiration. This first one pictured here is a gourd that is handpainted I have repaired its' beak as it came to me for free to receive an artists touch of love. I was able to repair it and will be putting the final gloss coat on this afternoon. It was a fairly easy fix and I will always cherish it here at Glenna's Garden studio. Tomorrow I promise close ups of the bird who got a beak repair last week at Glenna's Garden studio in Manchester, NH
TODAY IS: Learning About ACEO

June 2, 2009 Manchester, NH Things are buzzing around here at Glenna's Garden today which has started out to be a busy typical Tuesday here at http://www.gnormyle.etsy.com/ our site for the finer things in life, stop by soon and treat yourself....between working on the site, Flickr and blogging, there is always still time to create. Being creative is a form of therapy for me, it allows me to relax my mind. Today I created a Flickr Badge and we will be able to use it on our website. Speaking of websites that is a huge undertaking I have made one before. I would love to make another one again but I really don't have the time these days. Here are a couple of pictures that I took of recent projects here at Glenna's Garden. This is an ACEO I made it comes with a clear plastic protector too. It not yet up for sale to the public. These are collectible artists cards that the only stipulation is that they must measure 2 1/2" by 3 1/2" only. They can be dimensional and made in many different forms of art from clay to wood even. My ACEO's that are for sale can be seen at Glenna's Garden at http://www.gnormyle.etsy.com/ please stop by my gallery soon.
Email me at gnormyle@yahoo.com if you have any questions.
Also there are many more pictures of the happenings at Glenna's Garden at

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