Thursday, June 11, 2009

We Had a Wild Wednesday

It has been gloomy and raining a lot for the past few weeks up here at Glenna's Garden, yesterday because I am writing this today and it is Thursday, roses were brought inside from outside of Glenna's Garden ~ 5 pink 5" accross roses and three buds. The photos are astounding and as I was photographing them this morning they were so perfect they did not look real. I got one for my work area and took some singles pictures I will share one day. As a group they are absolutely stunning. Ohhhh I just sniffed my single one and it is so sweet, delicate and oh so sweet smelling. I love to photograph mother nature at her finest before she fades. I am hoping I can show pictures of one of the 3 buds opening, we have a chance 1 in 3 that one will fully open. Check back as I try to blog on a fairly regular basis to see more stunning photos of the huge pink roses.....these are big 5 inches that is one inch shy of 6 inches which is one half of a foot wide. Spectacular! Superb! Primo! They will become pressed pink roses and be used in a project for Glenna's Garden. We never pick without preserving through photography and actual drying of some roses whole as well as petal by petal flat drying for artwork. See our shop section ACEO's at for ACEO's original art with pressed flowers not prints these are originals and very nice. Also in our earlier blogs there are examples of the custom work that was done recently using real pressed flowers and greenery and we have posted pictures of it on our blog here at Glenna's Garden.

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  1. I love roses. I have 4 rose bushes that I planted at the side of my house/apartment. They are the smaller ones, the heirloom variety, but they smell like honey and they make the best potpouri that I use in my crafts.

    I love all flowers and try to capture them in pictures before they fade away.

    Thanks for sharing!