Sunday, June 14, 2009

Super Sunday

Up this morning early. I am checking on my sales for this weekend and I have 5 orders so far. Big worldwide YART SALE until midnight tonight and then it ends go to and check out the last day deals. I am so happy to be doing so well business wise. Stop by for unique gifts from original art to vintage. I started a website at and we are now on Facebook search for me Glenna Normyle. Also I joined and there you also do a search for artist by name Glenna Normyle, that's me. The beautiful large pink roses I blogged about earlier have been dried whole and pressed now. I even have some leftover to start a pottpouri. The rose petals smell so good right now. I took a bunch of pictures of these huge pink roses for my photography. All five buds opened slightly and are now hanging to dry. I thought there were three but there were actually five buds. These will eventually make there way to a dried floral bouquet or on a wreath. What a success! Rain and more rain at Glenna's Garden, it stormed and poured all night long. 7 AM Sunday morning and it has stopped for now. The plants here at Glenna's Garden in Manchester, NH are loving this cooler and rainy weather. I am finding that all of the indoor plants here at Glenna's Garden need to be watered every other day. The ACEO Artist Card Edition and Original is an original that is for sale. It comes with a proteective plastic sleeve as well as a 4" by 6" photo of the pomagranate plant that produced one flower. I preserved itthe lone flower and now it is the clothing for this little boy. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to do this and also share my art as well. I am hoping that with some good luck, well I do have a green thumb, that this indoor pomagranate plant (bush), it is very young yet, will flourish with my care and produce more blooms for me next season and fruit would be fabulous. Visit Glenna's Garden

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