Thursday, June 17, 2010

Been Out Sick

It is unusual for me to miss so many days blogging~I have been feeling under the weather! Today the weather is on us. It is rainy and somewhat cool today. Not a good day for pictures.

I really like this reusable shopping bag system. The best part I think are the mesh drawstring bags for you to use for fruits, vegetables and loose goods. No more of those thin plastic bags. I am getting really good about bringing my own bags for groceries when I shop. This is so nice you have to check it out. I love the color purple and they have it!

If you go to this giveaway you may win one of this companies shopping systems

Here's the link to the give away:

Disclaimer I am in no way affliated with nor endorsing this particular product. It is simply a really nice set up! I also wanted to let my readers know that there is a giveaway for it.

I am sorry to say that there will be no Feature Friday tomorrow unless someone speaks up quickly today. The rest of the year is open. Tell your friends that own shops on ETSY. I will be happy to feature you or them!

The next FIRSTFRIDAYARTWALK is July 2, 2010

Lately I have been doing some surfing on the internet for not only tasty recipes but interesting websites. I would like to introduce you to this one

Have you tried making a Zentangle? I have and it is so relaxing, meditative. I am making one for my Swap Bot partner her name is Aimee so I chose to do the letter A for her name. This is something that takes several days to complete. You work on it some and then put it down and they work on it some more again and so on until it is complete. I keep one next to me at my computer so when I need a break and to relax I can easily pick it up and keep going. Sometimes just looking at it sitting there I get an idea to try. Currently I am doing balck and white but you can do them in color too. Before I send Aimee her Zentangle I will put a picture up here in a day or two.

One of my larger pieces of art is in an ETSY treasury called We're Having a Heat Wave. My art piece is an art collage using mostly pressed flowers, leaves and greenery with some watercolor on an 8 by 10 canvas.

For sale at Glenna's Garden

Let's see what we have for a nice recipe. Perfect Father's Day is this Sunday June 20, 2010 How about this whole menu plan for a barbecue from Bon Appetit


In a Treasury

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