Friday, June 11, 2010

What Day Is It?


1. You have been with Etsy since 02/04/08. How has Etsy changed during this time period?

"I don't think it really has changed that much. There have been a few format changes and some improvements in the listing process but all in all it is basically the same."

2. You are a member of the DAWG team on Etsy. Please tell us what DAWG stands for and what your team does.

"DAWG stands for Designing Artist Women's Group. It had its origins on Ebay and was a group of women who created ACEO's. We moved to a Ning site and focused on selling on Etsy when Ebay started making changes that were not to the sellers benefit a couple of years ago. It is a group of women who not only have a love of art but a love for God as well. We have fun monthly challenges, swaps, and we have done a few things together as a group that we auction off for charity. We made a group quilt that was auctioned for breast cancer and are currently working on a mini ACEO Album, done Round Robin style that the proceeds will be donated to a mission in Haiti. We also have a team blog at:

3. You create ink drawings, watercolor, create jewelry and collect and sell vintage items. Which do you like best and why?

"I think I like watercolor or watercolor pencils the best. They are easy to take with me to the mountains or the beach. I also love to create with needle felting. ACEO's (2.5 X 3.5 inches) are my favorite size to create in."

4. Are there any other activities that you are involved with that you would like us to know about?

I really enjoy sketching and using graphite pencils for drawing. I try to do a sketch every Sunday. Sunday Sketches is hosted by Sophia at

I also have a blog at:

5. Do you have any advice or tips for running a successful ETSY business?

"The only advice I have is to be as active as possible in the forums. Join in the threads and chat, let people get to know you and get to know them. List as often as you can to keep your store active in the searches."

Thank you Marlene for sharing your beautiful works of art with us!


  1. What lovely drawings/paintings. Very cheerful images. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Glenna, Thank you so much for this feature, I really appreciate it. I just now got to visit here as I have had to be away most of the day.

  3. great interview, very interesting. Thanks Glenna and Marlene!

  4. Good interview, Marlene does some wonderful work. I am happy to say I have a small piece made by her!

  5. Thank you Jan and Lily.....yes Marlene sure does some beautiful work! I was so pleased to feature her.

  6. Glenna, Good information in this interview. Thanks
    Your Swap-Bot Buddy, Angela (amdewitt)