Saturday, June 19, 2010


A visitor stopped by one day! Happily rolled all over the concrete stoop and chattered at the bird feeder nearby.

I was up very early and at our newest local diner for breakfast at 6 AM this morning. I had blueberry pancakes and coffee. They were good. Headed straight back to the studio to stabilize some cool air. It is now 3 hours later and finally cooling down. The plants love it very hot and humid. The humans don't. I believe we are looking at 90's today here in Manchester. Good picture day later on if it stays sunny. Nice day to stay cool and create. I have almost finished a Zentangle on a bookmark. I am going to call it Garden Tangles. I always incorporate leaves and flowers in my Zentangles. So each one from now on will be a Garden Tangles. I have been creating the Garden Tangles on ACEO's too. I find it very relaxing. I also like the fact that I can work on a piece over time. The bookmark is a little over half done now and I think I have been working on it for three days now. I will take some pics later and post them of these projects. I gave one of the Garden Tangles ACEOs away to my swap partner for a swap called "Make Me Happy." Do you do that, give away any of your creations? I like to every once in awhile surprise someone with a piece of my art. It makes me feel good. Well tomorrow is Father's Day are you ready? I will be calling my Dad in CA. I have a really cool picture I want to share with you, it is of the gift I am giving my son. He is a Father now of my 2 year old grandson and the unborn second grandson due next month. I have to take a picture of his gift so that will be later on here.

Here is some Father's Day desserts for you to check out from Womans Day magazine online ~


  1. I love giving away my crocheted and knitted things - everyone knows by now that that's what they're getting from me because I don't have a lot of money, but I have plenty of yarn and time to make something they like or want ;-)

    Stay cool and enjoy your weekend, Glenna :-)

  2. Hey Glenna ;o)
    I love the kitty cat! ;o)
    Keep Cool!

  3. Thats me too Doris I give what I make. Thanks Stacy I love cats and they love the bird feeder.