Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday I received a letter from Dr. Dewayne Williams. I looked at his shop and there was an iris wood cutout done in scroll saw work. Dewayne says that you can add stained glass to it. Then for a moment I realized that I have a monogramed tie tack for sale in my shop and the initial is W. So I wrote back to Dr. Williams and he was so kind. I told him I would write in my blog today about him and his ETSY shop. These are the different mediums that Dr. Williams creates fine artwork in acrylics, water color, pen and ink, and pyrography on canvas, wood, paper, bone, leather and leather products. He also has scroll saw designed pieces, carvings, and one of a kind specialty pieces using a combination of the above. You can visit him at for a complete showing of his artwork. Please check out his ESTY shop at He does beautiful work and is such a talented artist. I could go crazy with favorites from in his ETSY shop. I hope you enjoy this blog and meeting Dr. Dewayne Williams from Misssouri. This blog takes the place of the Feature Friday for this week.

I had a huge creative streak yesterday. I made earrings, real .925 silver of course, shepards hook .925 silver bookmarks, a greeting card and a pair of .925 silver and glass beaded earrings. All of these ideas have been in the works I was just waiting for some more materials to arrive. Now what to do. My memory card is full in my camera. I tried deleting pictures and the camera is still behaving badly. Time for a new memory card. This last one held almost 1,200 pictures. The life of a photographer. I finished up my last swap package for June yesterday. It is the Big Fat Stuffed Envelope #4 Swap. I spoiled my swap partner with a bunch of goodies. She is only 20. I am well let's say twice her age plus some. I tried to imagine what someone that age would like. She said in her profile she liked animal print I said to myself "great" because I know I have some perfect ribbons for that I don't like. That is what is so great about the swap, I always have some things to pass along. She likes Hello Kitty so do I. Now I had to share something with her that I liked, my Hello Kitty stickers. I just got them...oh no...I was thinking but then in another thought she will love them. I had an assortment of 100 in this particular set so I gave her 20. I wouldn't do that for just anybody but since she is a Hello Kitty fan well I would feel guilty if I didn't share.

I like to decorate boxes from tiny matchbox size to cigar box size.

YAY it is 70 in Manchester, NH currently and it rained last night. The plants, bugs, birds and wildlife are happy again. It feels cool but the humidity is supposed to build and be ferocius, somewhere around 75% is predicted for tomorrow. I don't mind heat it is the humidity that I don't like. I lived in FL for 15 years near the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean with nice breezes. It was comfortable not really humid just plain HOT. How has this summer started for you? We still have July and August to go!

From Kraft Foods Kitchen:

What You Need!
1 whole wheat pita bread, cut in half 1 Tbsp. MIRACLE WHIP Light Dressing 6 slices OSCAR MAYER Deli Fresh Shaved Smoked Turkey Breast 4 thin tomato slices 4 thin cucumber slices 2 thin red onion slices 1/2 of a small green pepper, cut into thin slices

Make It!

SPREAD insides of pita halves with dressing.
FILL evenly with remaining ingredients. ENJOY!

Kraft Kitchens Tips Special Extra
Top filling with a sprinkle of cracked black pepper or chopped fresh dill.

Take Along
For best results, assemble sandwich just before serving. If transporting the sandwich, pack the filling ingredients in separate containers and pack in a cooler until ready to assemble sandwich.

Disclaimer: I am not endorsing Kraft Foods here you may use any ingredients as an equal substitute.


  1. Hey Glenna!
    You have been busy!! Dr. Dewayne Williams work is very beautiful!!
    I can't wait to see your earrings and your tiny matchbox is very cute!
    Your swap partner was very lucky!!
    I hope you have a great week!
    Take Care, Stacy

  2. Thanks Stacy so much I hope you have a great weekend!